How’s Your Russian?

Doug Stuber
a few seconds ago near Gwangju, South Korea
To Bill Dechand and all: I got the worm. Note:

HI All-

My book of poems from 1996 called Rants and Raves got translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish. Nice. In 2007 Weehiya (like “To Your Health or “To You”) came out in English on the left and Korean on the right. Some works from the previous 8 books then, and a handful of new ones were in Weehiya.

But you’re not a poet until a university in Russia sticks their graduate students on the job of translating 438 poems into Russian right? Then for a year, Vyacheslav Zakharov (1946) will tighten them up.

this guy:

Vyacheslav Zakharov:

The literary scholar, critic, poet, Candidate of Philological Sciences Vyacheslav Zakharov was born on February 6, 1946 in Glade Vyatskie Kirov region in the family of employees. After graduating from high school poctypil the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature Glazov Pedagogical Institute, where he graduated with honors in 1968 served in the Soviet Army. While still a student, actively participated in the work of art groups and seminars in Glazov and Izhevsk, wrote poetry, received the support of well-known poets of Udmurtia Poskrebysheva O. and F. Vasiliev, published in the local, the national and the national press. In 1972 he successfully completed his studies at the postgraduate Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute named. AIHerzen, defended his thesis on “The lyrics are poetic and epic Selvinsky.” For more than 20 years he headed the department of literature GGPI them. VG Korolenko, now – the dean of the Faculty of Philology of the university. VV Zakharov is actively involved in the organization of national, national, and international scientific conferences (Korolenkovskaya, Tatarintsevskie, Florovskys reading, etc.), in the preparation of scientific collections. His research interests are broad: it is the intensification of the creative abilities of pupils and students, the problem of interaction between two aesthetic systems (modernism and realism), the study of the specifics of the local folklore, research in the field of local history and literature, etc. V. Zakharov – an active participant of the Russian-Swedish seminar develops the democratization of education in the world. He is a member of the pedagogical problem-lab “Aesthetics and Psychology of Creativity” at GGPI (director – composer, professor, Doctor of Arts, AP Shakhovskoy.) In 1983, the publishing house “Udmurtia” was published in his collection of lyric poems, “Understanding”. In 1970-90. VVZaharov actively and proved himself as a critic. His articles and reviews devoted to the development of poetry and literary criticism of Udmurtia, appear regularly in the pages of “Moscow”, “Literary Review” and “Ural”. Own poetic experience allows him to subtly and vividly recreate a specific critiques of the art world F. Vasiliev, O. Poskrebysheva. Selvinsky, A. Twardowski, young poets of the Northern District of Udmurtia. VV Zakharov involved in the preparation of poetry anthologies, supervises student literary club. Through its school number 3 Glazov elective course for high school students involved in the development of literary and creative abilities of students. V. In scientific studies Zaxapov develops the intensification of creative possibilities pupils, explores the folkloric and literary traditions in the works of contemporary writers, the interaction of aesthetic systems of realism and modernism in literature of the twentieth century. On the theoretical and methodological papers, speaking at conferences, meetings, seminars in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Perm, Kirov. Fruitfully engaged in the study of questions of aesthetics and psychology of creativity. He wrote the book “Oleg Poskrebyshev. The art world of the Poet “(1993),” The World of Igor Babaylova “(2001). V. Zakharov is the Excellence in Public Education, Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Udmurtia. A member of the Writers’ Union VP (2006).

The list of sources:


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OH Oh I guess I’m a poet now.

He he?

just breathe in and keep writing, dude.


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