Jesus is a Liberal

Roy Artistiq Dough is a liberal.I understand. Jesus? There is no such thing!
June 3 at 12:36pm • Like

Doug Stuber Roy are you goofy?  Whether there was or was not a Jesus is not the point.  The church supposedly founded on Christian beliefs has been so warped against it’s own tenants, that it is now in the business of controlling conservative governments not just in the USA, but those of people like”Presbyterian” Lee Myung Bak the previous President of South Korea Jesus and his followers believe the rich should give their money away, that helping the poor and disabled is a requirement for getting into heaven, that war in inexcusable (see the Sermon on the Mount) that all religions should be welcomed to pray together, as their is only One God and all who pray, pray to the same God, that Greed is a sin, that to NOT kill is one of the ten commandments.

How could conservatives, especially those in the USA, who tend to go to ultra-conservative churches, possibly balance their policy decisions with Jesus and the bible? NO WAY. I challenge you to find me a place where Jesus or any other writer of the bible says it is OK to go to war to secure land, or goods, never mind oil. I also challenge you to find one place that suggests spying on your neighbors is okay. The worst part about all this is that extremely rich preachers have used their churches (I’m talking about Jerry Falwell here) to raise millions of dollars for the CIA, to purchase 700 727 aircraft (not small planes) and rent them to Frank Clinton, Bill’s brother, who then circumvented the votes of congress by running guns down to Honduras where they were walked across the river to support the Contras in the late 1980s. The FBI alleged at the time, that this same scheme, which went against a vote to cut off all money to the Contras, also flew many kilos of cocaine back to the US on their return trips. They had built up over 100 charges against Frank Clinton, all of which were dropped as soon as Bill got nominated. Wow handy timing eh? How do I know this? It was part of the Manuel Noriega trial which for NO REASON got moved from Roanoke, Virginia to Miami, magically and I assure you, to KEEP Falwell’s name out of the trial. FBI documents that are public is how I found out about this.  I was a writer for the Roanoke Times and World News at the time.

Is that something a Christian preacher should be involved in? Falwell’s Moral Majority came within a few thousand votes of getting the man responsible for the Iran-Contra affair, in which arms were sold to IRAN and the money used to continue funding the Contras,(Oliver North) from being elected to the SENATE from the state of Virginia. Firstly, Jefferson ascribed the separation of Church and State in the Constitution, Secondly, again, is this what a CHRISTIAN should be doing: backing with many millions of dollars such a thug? These conservative Christian churches (an oxymoron, contradiction and crime against Christianity) also hold great sway with the amount of votes they can deliver, and have warped such philosophically sound churches as the Presbyterian church here in South Korea in ways that astound and amaze.

The manipulation of the minds of those in Kansas as noted in “What’s the matter with “What’s the Matter with Kansas ‘” an analysis of the Frank book,    we see Princeton Professor Larry M. Bartels explain how those in Kansas have consistently voted against their own self interest by voting the way their churches command, thus screwing themselves out of their rightful and righteous jobs as farmers, for one. Brush up a little on how the conservatives have used the pulpit to command the voters in the USA.

In 2004 when Bush II was running for a second term, Dick Cheney/Carl Rove sent out an 8-page document that was to be read in conservative churches verbatim, and believe me IT WAS. It never mentioned Bush DIRECTLY but told parishioners exactly who to vote for by undeniable inference and rugged commands. The document, which I saw because a band-mate was a preacher at a “Church of Christ,” a fundamentalist outfit if there ever was one, showed it to me. This story was also covered in the then-somewhat-public minded press of the USA, which has been further and further slanted to the right ever since. No Jesus would not be happy to see all the lies involved in our governance at this point. Heck, Park Gun Hye is telling more truths herein S. Korea than the last presidents of the USA combined. Where is lying condoned in the Christian scheme of things?

Now Misters Snowden and Manning in the USA are being condemned FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. To label Obama anything but a conservative is to miss his policy decisions completely, like spreading US troops to Pakistan. Uh, what for? I suggest it is because the last 200 kilometers of the Afghan oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean, thus circumnavigating Iran is why. I am not alone in that suggestion. see prize winning journalist Bill Blum on this:   Do you believe Obama to be an outstanding Christian? Really? How about war-crime and war-as-mega-terror experts Bush, Bush, Clinton and Reagan? Wanna add Tony Blair as a false Christian as well s’il vous plait?


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