17 June 2013 Three New Poems and Three Old Ones, Copyright Doug Stuber


You, like your
Dad, claim the middle
spot among three like-gendered
siblings. This is the fighters

strong about needs and
who comes first,
grappling for attention once
the third one
arrives, and stubborn.

But these traits
have served you well as
adulthood brings a better
understanding of your friends
and their needs.

Like me you also
had the fate
of an attractive sibling
who got more
love… at first, but if

I am right,
your romance has been even
deeper, full
of intrigue, long talks,
philosophy, truth.

You won the
battles: ears, school, friends meaning
blue skies and
smooth sailing are yours
for the taking. Go!


As a child you heard
“care bear” a lot, as
James has been
Little Bear to my
Big Bear. What magic

have you learned to be
able to
perpetuate, for one more
generation, the

ways handed down since
walked the hills
of Canandaigua?
Above all, pass this

ability to
grow what you
need to your children. I guess
there will be
a house full,

but if not
pass this lifestyle to many
friends, if they
will take it. Only
indigenous tribes

and those who
know their ways can save this place
for human
beings now. Work hard,
earn your good dream life.

Invitation to Live

Rain-soaked picnic seems foolish to all who see
us eating wet bread, dunked potato salad, and
drinking diluted wine. But this is our life not
theirs, so it must be written before we notice
that someone else laughs at our delight. Spreading
merriment is a serious hobby for those still among
the shrinking set of life-lovers, optimists, those who
seize the day rather than their cell phones. The
evil bosses who devised electronic distractions: radio,
stereo, TV, cell phones, Apples, PCs all but squelched
human passion, while supplying devices to deceive
and implant “friends” who take time away from
potential meetings that might save the planet,
overthrow fascists, revert to simple lives. The
data overflow compromises inventive time down to
research and re-writes of the already-known. Five
thousand researchers at Samsung may never equal
one Steve Jobs. But equally vital is the type of play
that will re-unite us with nature while nature still stands.
Care for a full-fledged romantic romp au naturale?


New Ones Above, Old Ones Below


Spring 2011, Gwangju, South Korea

Splotchy white-barked sycamore pushes to surpass pines
atop Chosun University mountain. To reach this bench,
three hundred ninety seven staircase steps and fifty one drops
of sweat are spent. Pretty rich girls stroll on Saturday, but
this empty campus lets spring roll by unadmired by soccer
kickers and potential mates. Chirping birds are more likely to
feel naturally sated after planting egg fertilization, eating
grass seed, flying in the Gobi’s polluted yellow dust. Invasion
comes to mountain peninsula not just from the west, but
this spring from post-tsunami Sendai and its blowing-up
reactors. Disaster only slows the drums that demand we build
more radioactive electricity. Post-modern deconstruction should
be applied to decommission these ogres rather than ascribe
meaning to writing based on an assumed idiosyncrasy acquired
during the author’s adolescence. Human activity, which has brought
us both to productive heights and the epitome of the gap between
rich and poor, will slow to urgent needs and war now that
demand outstrips supply nearly universally. The young will
have and the old will keep trying to have sex in order to keep
economic realities at bay, but the very richest will not yield
legislation to help the poor this time, thus assuring mega-disaster.

Saint Valentine pulls
flowers from
his frock. Do all saints
wear monk’s clothes? Here’s to Mom’s our
working saints.

I love you,
though my mouth causes
huge rifts, please stay close now.
Our nation of three
remains strong.

Since love conquers all
allow this
small ink flow to wash
past agony away. Your
heart needs me.

Busy life
leaves short hours to be
alone with you, but your heart
beats inside mine all
day and night.

Let the smiles
return, let me support your
art, teach my
slice of the world to
Hyuntay, our hero.

Take clues from
him, the son who asks questions,
the light that
brings us together
with daily magic.


Drenched girls scope
Uchiro, the road
that defines
Chonndae from Humun
scholars from hunters.

Style points must
be made at all times,
now Burberry umbrellas,
black tights and
high-heeled rubber boots.

My love struts
confidently rain
or shine, her
new smile displays what
her mouth cannot tell.

spreads to all who know
her, making
this a spring she will
remember as love

unfolds, brings
new horizons into view.
She may be
only seeing them
in isolation,

but this is
when we need the breathing space
the most, is
it not? Time to see

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