Perks for ex-military ,and other capitalist schemes, with counter-measures

From GFN Radio’s Saturday Brunch, Gwangju ,South Korea:  August 3rd show will be about ‘Extra Credits for Military Service Completion in Job Recruitment Procedure in South Korea’. Please leave comments if you have any questions or ideas that you think should be mentioned in the show!


This favors men, at least at first glance, as military service is mandatory in South Korea (ROK)…. but wait, shouldn’t men get some type of societal credit for their years of service?  These years are not easy for most.  By Credits I am sure you mean on exams and in interviews for corporations and civil service jobs.  The much bigger culprit is the Chaebol system. The largest 8 Chaebol companies generate 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the ROK while hiring less than five (5%) percent of the population.  It’s more than a rumor that the same families that helped Japan during its horrific occupation of Korea in the 39 years prior to the end of World War II, also ended up splitting up a lot of the farmland that was without Deed after Japan left.  The selling of this land partially funded the beginning of the “Miracle on the Han,” but it’s simple math that South Korea could and should have a much larger middle class than it has.  For sure per-family income rising from less than $1000 per year to now over $30,000 proves the ROK is fully developed.


Foreign investment aimed to prove that capitalism towers of communism, and Korea made a great example for the world to witness.  It is why Korea rebounded from its war so well, and Vietnam never has.  By the time plastics and other industries used Vietnam for cheap labor, globalization and the GATT II treaty had made sure factory labor there would never be enough to enlarge a middle class.


Thus, the credits and perks ex-military get in the ROK are a small part of a giant puzzle that finds governments throughout the world beholden to big business, globalized trade and banks, rather than looking after the problems of those who work so hard for so little, and the ENVIRONMENT, which continues to get hammered by the moving of goods, spreading of pollution, and the ill effects of the lowering of the value of labor EVERYWHERE, notably the USA, my country, where the middle class has been decimated, and Asia, South America and Mexico, where  tiny wages keep revolutions from happening, but only by the thinnest of margins.  The solid governments of the world are:  Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela and arguably Cuba, but at a very meager economic level, who are taking care of their people and the earth.  The credits military get toward jobs in South Korea show us one more example of how the REST of the planet operates these days.  Scary isn’t it?


In fact, the most efficient way to save the planet would be world-wide economic collapse.  This would force a return to agriculture, lower the amount of money people have with which to ruin the earth, and possibly even remove corporations from controlling the planet’s resources for their gains, while allowing those who work the fields to at least survive.  As it is now, and dozens of well-known journalists have pointed this out, mass starvation is occurring not because there isn’t enough food, but because people can’t afford it anymore.  This is in many large ways the result of agri-business taking over for family farms.  Most of us do not want to be farmers, and that’s fine, but wouldn’t it be wise to teach our children to grow their own food?  How about the ROK and other countries setting up former military men with two acres of farm land donated by agribusiness out of their respect for having the peace in which to rape the land with GMO “foods” that also sterilize men?  It would be their way of saying “we’re sick of our own business and what it might mean for humans down the line. Ah, but this would expect people in corporations to act and think like HUMANS rather than greedy pigs.  Wow that would be a miracle on the Han, Mississippi, Volga, Yellow, Nile, Amazon, Thames, Seine, Danube, Po, etc.

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