Things to be aware of #1 June 27 2013

We have enough going on here to swamp most dingies, and occasional naval vessels. The previous dictator, uh, I mean President, Lee Myung Bak was far worse than his conservative follower Park Gun Hye. Park has re-started shipments of 40 million tons of rice per year to North Korea, and unlike Lee, would never have allowed, nay demanded, nay informed the legislature that a new navy re-fueling base was to be built on Jejudo (mostly for the US Navy – surprised?) This base, beyond being an eyesore, waste of money, continuing to keep the burner up and tensions high, also allows ships floating between Taiwan, Korea and China to refuel without going around the eastern (Japanese) side of our peninsula to Pusan. That’s a 14-hour at-sea savings, which keeps 55% of the US Navy afloat over here. With India packing its new nuclear weapons (George Bush and Condoleeza Rice not only gave them the technology to build near-MX sized warheads (to one of the least stable “democracies in the world mind you) but sent 280 scientists to train them how to build the things – at taxpayer expense.

It’s akin to Monsanto VP Charles Taylor’s not-so-new job as US Agriculture Secretary. What did Obama charge him to do? Uh, to spread Monsanto seeds throughout Africa, again, on the Taxpayer “dime.” Ah, but over 45,000 Indian farmers have already COMMITTED SUICIDE over having to try to buy seeds every year now that Monsanto GMOs have taken over the sub-continent. Oh? 45,000 losses of know-how in agriculture in India? Think this iwl have a ripple effect on starvation? These days it’s not that there isn’t enough food, actually, it’s that so many people of the earth CAN’T AFFORD IT. They starve to death for being poor.

“Enjoy” this very old video and how RIGHT ON it is especially today, and with the advent of crops that do NOT generate plantable seeds:

In Solidarity,

PS: Now two full books of my poems will be translated into Russian, and with the 2012 Book -of-the-Year award in Hand for “Modern Russian History” (I pick it up in Sochi, Russia in Mid-September). My new philosophical home?


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