Four New Poems: July 25, 26 2013 Copyright Doug Stuber

(Happy Birthday Tad!)

Reality Terminal

A chance meeting for the last ten minutes before departure
to different ports allows high school friends, twenty years
removed to line up histories, clap into solid laughs about current
families, one old shared event. The same scene finds one
sixteen-year-old boy hosting two like-aged girls for doughnuts.
It’s clear the odd-numbered table will remain platonic due
in part to his rotund physique, but mostly due to the girls
respect for each other and that neither could be caught dead
with the goofy comedian dough-boy even if he is oft’-
toasted for slamming square high school teachers when their
backs are turned to chalk the board. Clouds give way to
bobbed hairdos, so Marlo Thomas, circa sixty nine. Didn’t you
love those comedies, like Dick Van Dyke, that taught us all how
to surmount the daily grind via humor? “All in the Family,”
albeit racist, towered over such dreck as Ozzy’s reality Osbornes
or dragging Paris and Nicole to a farm. “Once they’ve seen Paris
they’ll never go back to the farm,” in reverse: “Once Paris is
seen on the farm, even pigs will grow boners,” at least for a day.
Bestiality is not entertainment except for the brain dead remnants
of electronica-culture. Simple joy found in real people’s meetings.

Quick Glance Romance

Sixty years of occupation. Still the old men spit when they see
anyone remotely American. Camouflage dressed on young
duty-by-law member lets fly as he passes. You can’t blame
him on one hand, but South Korea’s no Vietnam on the other.
The majesty of steep downtown hill, Buddhist temple attached,
towers over Mokpo’s Maritime cargo carriers, beach goers and
marine trainees alike. Giggles give way to moans as gender-separate
culture crumbles under KPOP siege. Confucius and Psy do the
waist-band tug wrestle made famous in between each’s reign. Psy
wins easily, but, in the end, men remain so picky according to looks,
women due to looks, wallet, personality, job, sincerity, love-of-potential-
mother-in-law, that the romance has fled all dates, as measuring tapes
and complicated social-scientific devices are held, like Geiger-counters,
to the temple and other body parts of “partners” leaving all- or-
nothing choices, or one-night-stands, the exact opposite of what
conservative parents expected, but how could anyone be shocked
when, like the all-important tests in school that force youngsters into
rote learning, and even majors are picked by test results, and marriage
has an age window, value judgments pervade based on not kindness,
empathy, forgiveness, but stature obeying, lying without getting caught.


Her smile, a
beacon, enters bright,
inserts emotion
into their flat town.
Her schedule

is full with new friends
and old. What
can she do to help meld the
two into
the life she wants? You

guess she will
leave to find what she
needs, needs what to find
in something more true
than what she’s

used to. Everyone
finds home, but
not everyone’s home can remain
the same. You
want to jump in and

swim this strong
inviting current until
paths diverge
in a blue sky, one
direction: out, not

in space, but forever in
spirit. This
is your connection
note. Fly away now.


Six floors up is not high enough to give this would-be jumper
relief from a hell of his own making. Once again she boils at
his personality. Friends are no longer enough relief, outpouring
of art is also not enough. Clam bush leaves coax, one recycler in
blue hesitates, drops plastic into plastic. Jumper’s had enough.
This building is fifteen, so a slow ride up nine, stair walk to roof,
and he’d be toast. Everyone would cry longer than they’d read his
poems, so he turns, waits, embraces some other way; it’s not
enough, and because he knows it is his fault that some other
was is not enough, he contemplates a two-step one point five meter
high-jump over retraining wall. It may only result in a second
broken neck, rock solid paralysis, no more baseball with his
son, his son, his son, the only reasonable person left, since his
personality ruined her, and her reaction to it ruined him, and
that was half a decade ago. Is this funny anymore? Well it has
caused a genuine gut laugh at Lonnie Lotte last night, so laugh on
you imbecile. You still can’t get this place right, your still expected
to change. You still want more than you can have, you still waste
time chasing love, when there is none. It’s you ace. It’s not that there
is no love, it’s that you are a child, on who is impossible to be loved.


This will end up a blood bath. Rich V Poor, White V Black, and any other divisions
the news can whip up to keep us from NOT making a revolution against the owners
of the means of production. WOW. At 120 gun deaths PER DAY we are already
in a category 1 Civil War.

Should it spread and more “DC Snipers” start picking off rich folks filling up with gas,
it will be a blood bath.

Should the DA and Courts grow ever more cozy,

Should the military trials that convict and leave people with Russia
as their homes,

Should the examples (Many) of how communities can survive the carnage laid out
by GATT 2 and NAFTA continue to be squelched into non-existence,

Should the environment melt even one grade further,

Should money rule over love in ways hitherto unseen (currently at a peak mind you),

Should all semblance of charity, and plain helping one another fade,

Should religions become even more fundamentalist (read greedy) and exclude
even more, thus creating yet another layer of divide,

Should even one more PC game, Chat, TV show, movie, “Pop Song,” newspaper or
social media site cause even one more to give up on life in favor of cyber-life,

Should Monsanto sterilize and cancer-ize the known world,

Should the population retract toward one Billion,

Should the Koch brothers demonize even one more truth-sayer,

Should the brains of Johnny Six-pack sink lower toward Vonnegut’s Harrison
Bergeron – complete with bells and whistles going off for those still smart,

Should 1984, which came to roost before 1984, become even more a reality
via even more surveillance,

Should parents, already horrified by their neighbor’s children, become even
more xenophobic,

Should the any-excuse-at-all increase the military police state:

then we’re fucked.

2013 July 18 “This Life” Copyright Doug Stuber

This Life

Seven left to squeeze past empire’s excesses,
create a sustainable community from scratch. As in
the past, but with far more decimated earth, horrors
to relieve, uncertainty not experienced since
fire first got tamed, or the last war. In such a
small group love must prevail, but it’s been so
long, this unending war, this miserable ruination
of a once happy planet. Why couldn’t we
stop them before it was too late? Why couldn’t
we stop ourselves? It’s Polly and her drummers
versus the night time drug peddlers and those who
investigate them. It’s the regulars cowering in their
no-longer comfortable homes…yet by day these are
luxurious garden estates when spectrum-placed on
a world scale. World, we apologize, but now fight
our own battles to survive right here in River City,
Star City, communal beat, a siren to moon-glow, a
call to those who ignore elders, but, with little to do,
meander into street highs, pregnancy, no shame, but
solved when youngsters take any work, stop dreams.

2013 July 17 “In Stages,” Copyright 2013 Doug Stuber

In stages
small, significant,
his life changes due,
this time, to weather,
unstoppable pollution,

gone sense of nature
coupled with
ninety percent pain,
gap between rich and

poor, with the
tiny few at the
top destroying it
all to keep the stock
markets rolling. This young man

just figured out how
crawdads move;
he understands the
importance of food,
how nature sustains

even these
ugly abuses. Words can’t
explain the
forty year gap in
our youths, and “outside”

culture of
children versus inside, cell
phone chat, how
PC lifestyle means
no revolution.

Morons Unite, Copyright 2013, Doug Stuber

Morons Unite!

Even inner peace is a rare commodity in the days of scarcity
and resource wars. When poverty does not mean one small
meal per day, but none. For God’s sake forty five thousand
Indian farmers have committed suicide since they discovered, too
late, that they had to purchase and repurchase seeds of Monsanto’s
design. Uh oh, if a super-poor subcontinent looses it agricultural
knowledge base, what when Charles Taylor, who doubles as V.P at
Monsanto and Obama’s Agriculture Secretary, “follows orders” to make
sure Africa is one hundred percent “modified?” Is this earth or some
Will Smith end game movie, for real? The food, alcohol and motel
room rent make up the “turning tricks” industry, which represents
thirty percent of my town’s economy, how about yours? Forgiveness
still holds promise in a world rapt with quick kills, over-reaching black
versus white existence. Damn it all, must those who speak the truth about
crime (Mercury?) be jailed? This means history’s worst moments are
upon us daily rat-a-tat-tat: pokers to the eyes of anyone who sees, spreads
news. Oh, Obama sucks alright. Manchurian Candidate from within, as
Clinton was. Wage slaves, youth, laid off and former union members do
not ever vote, or vote Democrat, which by now is a whopper oxymoron.

Propaganda 1 (a poem), Copyright 2013 Doug Stuber

Propaganda I

Each day new revelations propel the rightful belief that fascist
crooks have taken over, despoiled, enslaved for their sweet
greens, sun-baked yacht decks that those below still believe they
or their children can attain. The war devolved to occupation,
another war and present-day occupation on the most sought-after
peninsula since 50’s Florida swamp sales. Young studs impress
new ladies with six dollar juices in muggy heat relieved by rain,
only to restart when streets steam up. Camouflage sticks out on
two day leaves that stroll past grandmothers who have seen it all
come and go twice by now. Real happiness outlasts the current boom
by about a year. Ensuing depression is real in emotional, economic,
blood and guts ways that leave mom and two children huddled in the
corner fighting off winter with a single blanket and a three-way
hug. Soon generations realize the sacrifices their parents made
but when the horrors worsen past heroics fade, suppressed by
survival instincts and scrounging for food when the crops no longer
yield seeds just blanks tucked within sterilizing soy beans. How did
we let it get to this, where is the rage? Oh, it’s absorbed in the grind
of 70-hour weeks, trying to keep love alive when the money’s gone,
love songs no longer sung or played, protests go mute on the mall.

Fascism Versus Micro Loans

Polly Branch
I must admit, those days were so filled and often cloudy, and my naivite’ and fears kept me also shielded from some truths. While the creativity oozed from our small collectives, I delighted in the opportunity to jump into unknown waters. Fun memories and others not quite banked. So glad our paths did cross and that you left this small pond of beautiful big fish, to stretch and be the full extent of you-ness. There’s a potential relapse or rather reocurrance of a generational anqst of late. Young people needing the rennaisance we seemed lucky to be a part of then…I’m surprised at the lack of creativity among the youth, who depress the streets, walking in a fog. Perhaps more saddened that I (we adults) don’t have a better trodden path for them, or a means of inspirational communication. There has been a new entrepeneurial essence for the 30 – 40 yr olds creating, but I feel a void for the teens + Looking for ideas. Sharing that need among friends has been good on this here computer network, but I need to be in a current to feel the waters again, and know which way to flow.

Doug Stuber
I agree. Maybe it’s time to volunteer more with the Migrant Workers Suppoort Centers, or  the projects and streets of Durham where I used to teach for the Literacy council. Dangerous but fulfilling. The lack of REGULAR jobs turns into a lack of creative coolio businesses like three brother’s baker, because there isn’t any money left to support those ideas. This is why they call it a depression. Youth see very little to inspire, so, ahem, we better start working hard. Even a once-a-week place to let loose, be creative any way you want, and start to build local economies that are not involved with the globalized exploitation. Best way? Agriculture, as you know. Say you will do this and I will return to Roanoke. Recent MAJOR awards in Russia, plus up to 14 books now in poetry means I have a slim shot at a Hollins Adjunct spot. If one ever opens up. But i wouldn’t need that much to be Roanoke bound. Think about this a lot. See if “SEEDS” a program in Durham where people have a plot can work in Roanoke, or Probably there already is one. SOMEBODY must protect the crops that are not GMO and DO create plantible seeds. Otherwise Monsanto wins, and then the sadness in the eyes of youth will resemble Biafra, circa 1965. One last factoid: 45,000+ Indian farmers have committed suicide once they realized they would have to buy seeds every year due to Monsanto infestation. Oh? 45,000 skilled agrarians out of work due to suicide in INDIA? Yup, and Charles Taylor (Obama’s Agriculture Secretary) has been given the task of polluting all of Africa with Monsanto. Guess what, he is ALSO a Vice President at MONSANTO. OH la la, spreading this male-sterilizing stuff AT US TAXPAYER expense. what a disaster, really. Nice “change” Obama. ick

SO isn’t that one of the keys to solving this? Places like Ecuador taking donations so they can LEAVE THE OIL IN THE EARTH? Sweet idea. and what of the compressed-air powered TATA car, why aren’t they mandatory? Alternative energy? Only Germany has put in a very concerted effort, and they are up to 8% ONLY. Here in South Korea we are the most dependent on Nuclear energy per person in the world. Oh not joyous rapture, since the Fukishima plant in Sendai Japan just blew a couple of years back. Building nuclear power at the ocean…in the path of Tsunamis, kinda like building nuclear plant on the San Andreas Fault Line in California…they’ve “been there done that.” Who are the maniacal Apacolypse Now movie watchers that are praying for a lower population? Is it JUST the Group of Rome? I don’t think so. All of us, anyone outside “the bubble” has a chance of perishing now thanks to global warming ALONE. and then what about all the limbs lost in factory jobs that we DO NOT seem to scream about?: the value of labor is going down everywhere due to GATT 2 and globalization. Developed countries ship their high paying and high polluting jobs…Asia and South America in particular, get the brunt of the “never-to-be-in-the-middle-class” pollution laden jobs, and the corporations get fat on what amounts to slave labor. OK Wage slave labor. Man oh Man. Solution above perhaps. “Peace Boat” floats out of Tokyo teaching Asians how to better their local economies on micro-loans, etc.

The indigenous people will have to lead us out of our industrial sins. March on hard-working mothers and fathers. Wipe the sadness away via closeness and love. Remember, if you can…no money is a way to attain happiness.

6 July 2013 Egypt, a sign of the Times?


Congrats, Egyptians 


Tommie Kim Doaa sshi is it a good thing they threw out the government?
17 hours ago · Like

Rob Smith I’m not sure congratulations are in order, here. A democratically elected president was kicked out of office because one group of people was unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood and pretty much everything they want, but he did win the election. Was the election he won unfair? I don’t know the answer.
17 hours ago · Like

Doug Stuber Ah but Jefferson said there should be a people’s revolution of democratically elected governments once every 20 years to prevent corruption. If this is even halfway true, then it’s been a long time coming in the USA, not to mention Europe.
17 hours ago · Like · 1

Jan Hübener The elections had ben casted by SCAF towards shafik beforehand and filled the ballot boxes and by mb inside ballot cabins the indecent proposal to elect morsi.
Both were head to head with hamdeen and abol fotouh.
Which means 52% revolutionary voters except monofiyya the region of Mubarak (70%shafik &7 big bags of hamdeen votes found in sugar cane fields) all in all 3000 (!) Reports of election fraud…
Plus many boycotted plus in the end a run-off vote between 2 unwanted candidates… (25% each but inluding fraud)
So what diid people decide forehand ? Vote morsi tactically to remove army regime and plan already how to remove morsi
15 hours ago · Like

Doaa Ghareeb Rob, what you’re saying is the simple/outer way of explaining what happened, yes, he was elected by lots of ppl, but just because he promised to change the country to make it better, which didn’t happen! He was, with his followers, destroying the count…See More
14 hours ago via mobile · Like

Mohamed Khaled إيه ده، هو فرق التوقيت لدرجة دى؟
See Translation
12 hours ago · Like

Michael Simning I feel pretty today.
8 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2

Doug Stuber So Rob, then the Afghan and Iraqi governments these days are also duly elected? Just needing clarification. How about Pakistan?

The one part I like is that a President could face charges for the death of protesters while the President had control of the military and police forces. WHy do I like that? Think of all the Presidents from ANY country we come from that had protesters die under their command. None of my students this year knew that 8 protestors holding candles against US Beef died. No charges were ever even brought in that case. Hmmmm. How about the four at Kent State? and untold others before and after? Anyone ever hold China accountable for Tiennanmen Square, June 4, 1989? How about May 18, 1980? OK there were trials after that, a long time after that. If we don’t have a free internaotinal press that monitors and puts these things out. We’re in trouble so here’s to Nick Baker:

Nick Baker (@nicholascbaker), 5-July-2013

Trending In Our News Feeds –Egyptian military removes President Morsi from power. The Egyptian military detained President Mohamed Morsi and at least a dozen of his aides on Wednesday as massive protests culminated in a transition of power. The chief judge of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adli Mansour, was sworn in as interim president on Thursday. The military dissolved Egypt’s parliament and constitution and have issued a wanted list for more than 200 Islamist leaders. Morsi has been taken to an undisclosed location and could face charges for the deaths of protesters during his presidency. The interim government aims to restore democracy: “I look forward to parliamentary and presidential elections held with the genuine and authentic will of the people,” Mansour said.

The question of the moment is whether or not events in Egypt constitute a military coup or a popular uprising. The distinction could have a huge impact on U.S. aid to Egypt. Under the Foreign Assistance Act, the U.S. is not allowed to give aid to countries after a coup. The Washington Post says the Obama administration will try to maintain aid to Egypt. The aid is seen as a way of stabilizing the region and protecting American security.

Egypt’s most prominent liberal, the Nobel Prize-winning diplomat Mohamed ElBaradei, defended Morsi’s ousting in an interview on Thursday. ElBaradei said Morsi needed to be removed from power because he had botched Egypt’s transition to democracy. He said the attorney general has cleared the arrest of all detained members of the Muslim Brotherhood; simply belonging to the party is not a crime.

Al Jazeera reports three pro-Morsi protesters have been killed, and dozens injured, in a march today towards the barracks where Morsi is believed to be held.
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Doaa Ghareeb Agree democracy and justice; that’s what Egyptians want.
34 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Doaa Ghareeb I think Americans have to have a revolution! You need a REAL democracy over there! Lol
33 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Doug Stuber SO do Americans, but with Patriot Act I and II even taking away HABEAS CORPUS, democracy packed up in 2000 and justice took a 180 degree fascist turn about 2005 (Torture is democratic, or is torture a human rights abuse?) and with Snowden and Manning the country wants to severely punish the WHISTLE BLOWER rather than look at government officials of ALL STRIPES breaking the law. SO the law brekaers are going free while those who point out their transgressions are being hunted down and given a “military trial” ha. If Egypt gets either one, then they are WAY ahead of the USA.
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The 2012 Russian Federation of Universities research award winners announced

The 2012 Laureates prize of the Federation of Russian Universities for Scientific and Research books in Russia has been won by Kuznetsov, Katyshevtseva, and Stuber for “Modern Russian History.” It is the Research Laureates Prize winner, for 2012. A total of 4,983 books from 1,297 institutes of higher education were in the running. Four areas were nominated: Humanities, Technological, Law, as well as Economics and Administration. Laureates are chosen in each of the four categories.

Books from outside Russia were also part of the competition. Books from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Kazhakstan were also submitted for the prizes.

Of these only 85 received nominations in the field of humanities for the prize. Ivan Kuznetsov, Helena Katyshevtseva and J. Doulgas Stuber won the Prize and are 2012 Laureates of the Russian Federation of Universities.

Kuznetsov is Professor of history at Novisibirsk University (Since 2009 named the National Research University).

Katyshevtseva is a Professor of history at Izhevsk State Technical University named after M. T. Kalashnikov (Glazov Branch)

Stuber is a visiting Assistant Professor of English at Chonnam National University.

The book was published by the Chonnam National University Press.

This National Book Award is the highest Award achieved by any of the authors to date.

Stuber is a poet, artist and musician but mostly a professor. He has been at Chonnam National University Since March, 2007.

Long Live Rock, be it Dead or Alive, July 2, 2013

Well, here’s the WHO. And the intro comes from Wolfgang’s Vault, an insanely complete pile of classic rock, jazz and everything musical. If you’re old and want to start in on major downloads of music YOU LIKE from YOUR ERA, I swear I fell in love with this site.

Anyway, why the WHO? Because, with the Kinks and Cream they make up the transition team from the Beatles to Led Zepplin. Since then, Rock went down two tracks: either pop-style with some blues or Check Berry or classical or jazz influences (BEATLES) or hard, which is mostly blues based. Absolutely enjoy the bass work of John Entwhistle, the surprising Hendrix influence on Townshend at that time, and let-lose drumming of Kieth Moon, of course. Is Robert Plant a better singer than Roger Daltry? Sure, but the idea that all four members of a band would be virtuoso players hit the Who about five years before Zep, with the hardly reachable three-man virtuosity of Cream wedged in between.

I don’t mourn these days because I was so much younger then. I mourn these days because I MISS MUSIC. Honestly what happened when Simon Cowel and MTV became the filters of music is a tragedy because author-based expressionist music disappeared.

Where would we be without Une-Autre movies? You know, the ones in which the writer and director are the same: Kim Ki Duk, Woody Allen, Federico Felini, Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch, The Cohen Brothers, Quentin Tarrentino, etc.? But this type of bravado and balls has been squeezed out of mainstream music to the extent that almost no cultural icons stand in the way of big business and big government making statements we can sink our teeth into.

OK Billy Brag is still around, but when was Rage Against the Machine’s last tour? The Dead Kennedys anyone?

As I’ve said before, when Neil Young dies, and Bob Dylan moves upward, and the last touring acts from the 70s and 80s, no less 90s disappear, the earth will have kissed goodbye to the Rock and Roll Era, the “Folk Music that Demands we join the protest” will too have succumbed.

If there is no music, if there are no movies, if there is no social outlet that presents our leaders with something to feel badly about…THEY WON’T and the earth plundering that keeps the “economy strong” will continue.

As will the decline in the value of labor, which, via free trade, seems to have no bottom, with Vietnamese weighing in a 14 Cents an hour, Chinese working 14-16 hour days at 52 Cents and hour, and the U.S. middle class demolished, and heading toward micro-wars in neighborhoods throughout once-proud Garden State hamlets like Camden.

What happens when Bruce Springsteen stops volunteering in every city he plays, or Sting and Bono quit bothering their leaders (and others) about the importance of the rain forests, etc.? You think our protests will be heard or even covered by the corporate-only media?

Oh SONY is to blame, as with the purchase of Columbia Records they got a hold of one of the major libraries of music ever assembled, and uh…who have they signed since?

Without heroes slobs, drunkards and greed-mongers become the heroes. This may have already happened. And what’s in it to be a hard-driving band with a message now? Bar gigs, maybe a following the size of Fishbone, or on a good night, the Minutemen or Butthole Surfers. Come on kids, please take back the airwaves, pay or no pay!

No Man Shall Profit From Another Man’s Labor


Posted by dougstuber on April 9, 2011 · 22 Comments (Edit)

“No Man Shall Profit from Another Man’s Labor”

The concept of rugged individualism is an American thing. Starting with the Puritans who preached “cleanliness is next to Godliness,” and coming through the great depression when Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked that Americans “pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” the combination of Christianity and diligence has been one of the guiding forces in what made the United States of America the great country it has been.

But a wider reading of the bible (narrow readings range form Jehovah’s Witness to Church of Christ to Seventh Day Adventist, and are also lumped under the title “fundamentalist” Christian) like the one the Quakers adhere to, and most Presbyterians and quite a few Methodists runs counter to the popular, yet ill-informed teaching of most Baptist churches, especially in the south of the United States.

George W. Bush, raised Methodist, had to switch affiliations to Baptist when the Methodist Church of the United States came out against his Iraq war. He was notably, the only U.S. President to switch religions mid-term.

So how does this apply to the rise of Christianity, mainly in the cities, of South Korea, and how can we learn from the title of this article, how the Christian church, ostensibly an offshoot of the teachings of Jesus himself, has been warped in many cases, to the point where the guiding principles (including the ten commandments) of the church have been ignored, and tolerance of, especially GREED, has been whisked under the altar carpet, with all sins absolved by the stroke of a Sunday prayer.

Recall the seven deadly sins: The currently recognized version of the list is usually given as Wrath, greed,sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

Religions should be graded based on how well their followers follow their “bibles” or Korans, or Bhagavad Gitas or Old Testament, etc. Since World War II United States Christian political leaders have been miserable at following their own book, often led astray by fundamentalists who promise to round up many votes in trade for an increasingly religious government, one Jefferson warned about when he inscribed the principle of separation of church and state.

The Sermon on the Mount, as written by Matthew, says that “Jesus condemns the “good works” of fasting, alms, and prayer, when they are only done for show, and not from the heart.”

Love thy enemy as thou love thyself is in there, and the Golden rule “treat others as you would have others treat you,” is also in there, and when slapped, “turn the other cheek” meaning offer your aggressor another slap, as, perhaps you deserve it, but in no case should you raise a hand to hurt anyone else. This is a condemnation of war, is it not?

So if a Christian leads his country into war, or is greedy or commits adultery, and then shows up at church to get these absolved, that in itself is condemned by Jesus.

The Quakers are certainly the most peace-loving Christians, and, as the “Prince of Peace” Jesus condemned war, and though the bible says war may at times be inevitable it NEVER condones war, and Jesus sure didn’t. Then what are Americans and Koreans to think of the inexcusable, unnecessary and horrific wars the United States has been involved in since 1960? The only President who resisted these wars-of-greed was a Catholic, John F. Kennedy, and it is no coincidence that he was assassinated BECAUSE he was against fighting a major war in Vietnam.

Kennedy was the only Catholic ever elected President, and it is also interesting to note the huge majority of US presidents who go to church, but who were also Freemasons. Starting with George Washington himself, this band of earth-controlling “gentlemen” have wielded great power, and been inadequate Christians, especially when held to the standards Christ himself ascribed.

Christ was a left-wing radical… a man who suggested rich people give to charity, greed is a sin, and that, in effect, no man should profit from another man’s labor. This makes him, in today’s world, a socialist. He was also an environmentalist, and, were he alive today, might be requesting people to stop driving cars for the sake of future generations.

Thus, any church that flies conservative values in the name of Christ should break away from Christianity and form their own religion. The only hint of a conservative value coming from the Bible comes from the Old Testament’s 10 commandments (thus predates Christ). #5: “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you,” fits nicely into the Confucian principles Korea has followed since “the first century after the Chosun dynasty was founded (when) the volume of legislation that was concerned with social issues was unusually high.” (“The Confucian Transformation of Korea” Martina Deuchler, P.3) This means that Confucian principles were being made into LAW. It is this long-held tie to Confucianism that made it easy for fundamentalist Christians to get a foothold in Korea. The Seventh Day Adventist church in particular has found its way to control, some people estimate, as much as 30% of the Korean food supply.

“Only about two percent of the Asian population is Christian, and while Christians are to be found in virtually every Asian country, it is South Korea that has witnessed the most spectacular and historically significant Christian expansion, particularly over the past three decades, the period of the country’s remarkable modernization.”

Because CONSERVATIVE values run throughout Confucian and fundamentalist teachings, it has been relatively easy for fundamentalist churches, and others to synergize the two beliefs and gain great strength in South Korea. But Jesus was NOT conservative in any way. He instructed his disciples to welcome believers of all religions into the prayer service…something many fundamentalists wipe out by their continual harping about how only followers of Jesus will go to heaven. Hmmm, the Ten Commandments say that people should follow ONE GOD, not ONE JESUS to be able to float upward upon death. Thus why wouldn’t a Jew or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist also be able to pray their way into heaven?

In South Korea, but even more so in the United States, Koreans use their church service as a full-service religion, discount-rate country club and place to do business at the lunches that characteristically follow the services. This is an excellent use of the Christian church to the extent that it promotes brotherhood, but is a kind of strange use when it comes to deriving profit from fellow parishioners.

In a “correct” reading, one would find Jesus to place people over profit, which puts him in direct opposition to most capitalist practices, if not all. So how do card-carrying capitalists, rich ones, greedy ones, manage to hold their heads up without embarrassment in church? Because so many of the ministers are up on the altar condoning their behavior! Cleanliness is next to Godliness, the most Puritanical of beliefs, is in effect, a code for the fact that rich people are closer to God than poor people. How is this? Because in colonial times in New England, USA, the only people who could keep a clean house, were in fact, rich people. The “Puritan work ethic” was instilled so that the WORKERS at the small manufacturing plants would work very hard in order that the church leaders and owners of the business could make a large profit. This “original sin” of American religion has been passed down and quoted often by such notables as President Ronald Reagan.

The Catholic belief that birth control is a sin is directly linked to their belief that a huge underclass helps the rich guys stay rich, and it is those folks who, after all, donate to the church, as they should, if they believe their donations will create the type of prayers that will get their ilk into heaven.

In these tricky economic times, it is of immediate concern that we re-learn how to help our fellow men and women because a new depression is not a futuristic horror story, but has already begun. In the 1930s my mother’s father, a carpenter who walked 8 miles or so each way to earn 25 cents a day, raised four children on that somehow. He also had a mark on his house that meant that nearly every night a “hobo” from the nearby train tracks would be visiting them for supper. Delmar Spellman knew his house was marked and, slightly poor as they may have been, they never removed the mark, and never turned anyone away from a meal. It’s my firm belief he made it to heaven.

What worries me is that the all-or-nothing, fire-and-brimstone, black-and-white with no shades of gray churches that dominate the Christian (and at times Muslim) worlds will, instead of instilling the brotherhood once trumpeted by Jesus, cause further rifts, and make way for a new depression-era criminality that no church should condone. If we do not find ways to become friends on a local level now, then the ill-fated politicians and the big money that controls them will throw us into one war after the other to try to bail out their economies…and we will have to decide whether to bear arms against one another, or lend each other a hand.

This diatribe is not meant to get people to quit their churches, temples or synagogues or mosques, but is written in the hope that we can have enough friendship at the local level to outweigh (somehow) the horrors that are increasing at the global level.

And for those keeping score at home, here are the Ten Commandments, ever so misquoted:
1. You shall have no other gods before me.

2. You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your manservant, nor your maidservant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

5. Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.

6. You shall not murder.

7. You shall not commit adultery.

8. You shall not steal.

9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

July 1, 2013 Six New Poems Six Old Ones, Copyright Doug Stuber, 2013


How much work have you
done for your children,
grandchildren, husband, peppers,
and now this clown who
dances through life, no

worries in the world,
yet full of weldsmerz
with all that
is going on to melt what
was once a planet

all creatures enjoyed.
You’ve seen Oh-Il-Pal,
Occupation, war, every
Horrible thing we
Can dish out, yet, as

Koreans do, keep
your day’s work done, your
friends at hand
in the glory days earned by
such commitment to

then lives of your family. Rest
now, but no,
you can only slow
never rest, as to

stop is to
stop. If I were to learn some
it would be first to
express gratitude.

Yobo III

She works all day to soothe away
the anguish in his life.
She finds the class, she knows he’ll pass
such a dedicated wife.

When needs run high, like a butterfly
she fills our lives with honey.
I love her, and by now she knows
it’s not about the money.

She never spends a single cent
on diamonds, pearls or fashion,
and when the day slips into night
her art becomes her passion.

He wipes his tears and heads to bed
after ten hours of TV.
But there he finds the comfort
sure to fill his every need.

So here’s a toast to Yobo,
you deserve more love than this.
Just have fun with the one you love
and he will do everything in his power
to give you everything that you wish.

James Hyuntay at Five

My son turns
five today, joyous,
playing among sets of friends.
Should we shield him from
the real world

or can we find a
place that meets his needs:
true to its word, forgiving,
enough to grow strong?

He still asks
many questions, calls
Gwangju “Korea,” accepts
correction, studies
Chinese words.

After dinner he
runs in restaurants,
jumps in gyms,
copies chess moves when stumped. Finds
hidden connections.

A true friend,
he opens our eyes to a
wider world
but feels no burden,
no payback needed.

This language
star will ride out any storm,
grow his food,
befriend everyone,
live long and prosper.


Three Dee imaging
makes implants one step
better in a world you’ve
seen change exactly
as much, maybe more

than I have.
How many
problems have
you solved? What
comes after

being handed large
grants and larger strange
days at your home school?
You calm in the face
of storms, gale and small

inspires mere
mortals with

fulfilled. We’re
opposites, as you are in
control all
the time. This roller
coaster, too much for

most to ride
is also taken in stride.
Flows to you: so wise,


Runner who
hit the gym so much
your muscles
slowed you down, how as
Illinois? As much or more

fun than the
exploits we
heard form U-N-C,
Auburn, Mexico
or Paris? Is your

in Seoul adequate
for a month, Europe-
bound? You have been gracious, and

your work on
my behalf
is noted, and one
assumes you will be
strong at work these next

years, so the
desired outcome (is money
will lead to the place
you want to be, to
do what you
want to do, with the friends you
want to be
with, family you need,
everlasting love.


Buddhist walk
to mountain temple
assures health, spiritual
cardio, legs, mind

You guided us to
the last refuge of
both Buddha
and Confucius. Tea,
acupuncture, and

music combine as
curatives to polluted
earth, yellow dust, foul
food, large stress.

The ancient ways are
all but gone, yet must
be used to
make earth whole again.
You teach Hyuntay well,

he responds
by trying hard. You travel
with us, then
do not, yet your play,
rough-house, gives my son

a chance to
practice self defense, which could
be handy
in times to come, should
we devolve this way.


Petite yet
powerful, smart, and
smart enough
to apply it when
required, hide

it in case
it chases away the man,
whoever that may be. You
got blessed by parents
and other

members, so you know
how to weed
out riff-raff, but not
at any

expense to
your own fun. Able to score
great grades, jobs and social life
in twenty-four hour
segments, a

touch short on
sleep, but isn’t that the way
to get the
most out of life? I
want the twenty-hour

of the highlights of your last
eight years. Don’t
forget your desire
to help poor; earth.


Oh, but if we just
had relief pitching
then Kia
could rule the league, stride
proudly in the waning years

of Choi, Hee
Sub, christen the new
stadium with V-
eleven rather
than lose our

voices over yet
another blown game.
Your wild times
in Columbia
may one day end…then what strong

friend? Back to
tequila in El
Paso, or Madrid?
Wait, you’re no soccer
fan, so the

U.S. must
be a target: Miami,
the home of
all things Latin and
a baseball club that’s

easy to
get tickets to might suffice.
your calling card, gives
choices, youth fulfilled.

Bloody Juice

The LA cops have struck again
(His wife had called nine times)
Each time that no report was made
They added to man’s decline.

We point fingers at the poor
We say they should work harder.
But the jobs are headed south,
Soon capitalists will barter.

Wives get killed around the states
At better than ten a day.
And battery, like rape,
Is a crime for which few pay.

Where is the love the preachers ask
While communities rot and fester.
The new era’s entrepreneur
Is druggist, thief, molester.

The problem isn’t just downtown
Or on the nightly news.
The problem is the horde who scream
“Go Juice, Go Juice, Go Juice.”

New World Reich

It took this long to hide my penchant: Rhymes.
Another reading forces inner looks.
Where is Ed and his heroic elegy for us?
What happened when we traded love of lines
For time cards, bosses, corporate crooks?

Here’s what happened: life became a chore,
There is no time left to rage creating.
Competitive suburban gardening is a bust.
What there is left is not elating
Except the love of soul-mates through this door.

The Eagle’s Nest is now a restaurant.
You get a 15-dollar turkey-plate up there.
But is a fourth Reich rising from the rust,
Or are we evil, just nonchalant?
Oklahoma City fades like sunset air:

The only lasting image is your own.
One veto and the fascists will shut us down.
One thousand points of veto from the upper crust
Without a batted eyelash from this clown.
What further outrage can we condone?

As long as TV says it is OK
Our lives submit to the worst human rages.
Just when we’ve farmed this place to dust
Some half-assed savior will come our way
Passing manna to those left. One for the ages.


A peacenik Smiles a genuine smile,
Frustrated, but relaxed, under a tree,
Away from the crowd protesting life.
Philosophical conglomerates form while
One of this park’s boarders takes a pee.

A price, integrity, pays the rent,
His place invaded by screaming hordes
Who say they care but walk right by.
Angry about where the money went?
It went to fashion missiles, bombs and swords.

The lesbians scream testosterone,
The poor blame the rich. Both are right,
But how do you stop for-profit war?
The MX takes up 26 election zones.
Too many jobs: no one left to fight it.

Talk of converting to peaceful uses
Hides in the “Utne” in recycle bins.
Peace dividend is swallowed up by debt
Incurred while corporate offers no excuses
For the profits made by mortal sins.

A series of Poems from Italy
June 24-July 6 1996

Of June 25, 1996

We pulled an all-nighter as you might
Do considering the task at hand. Desolate drive,
Bad money change experience, “sky-bar” flight,
Old men arguing for six hours with themselves and
All passersby about who-knows-what. Sleep

Is, for you a sly temptation, but no. It’s straight
Off a mondo-flight to the Hotel Napoleon,
Piazza Vittorio. A quick breakfast, accommodating
Concierge, early room, and out, on foot to
“Old Town” Rome. Hawkers at the Colosseum,

Renters snarfing as you sit on their stairs, sipping
A cola at Ceaser’s Forum. No dice. The
Will to go leads you up 843 stairs to an
Old church, flanked by a suckers museum
On a square by old Mike, on top of a hill,

Behind a big monument to some rich banker
Who rightly felt dwarfed by the hundreds
Of tombs of this Pope or that, this church
Or that, and more well-carved marble
Than an ark full of slaves could haul here.

Vatican Steps

Some slick designer took one from Disney
When spiraling the entrance to the Vatican Museii.
(That’s plural Latin meaning: one hell of a
Long walk in the midst of mad tourists.)

The Pope is walled in! A true paranoid, no
Wonder he likes to travel! Everyone and his
Artist brother-in-law has sent a painting in for
The “Bore-Ya” rooms. It’s the only semi-

Prominent gallery accepting all donations without
A jury! That’s a hint folks. Address your art
To Pope: Vatican City, Vatican, Rome.
You can even write your dedication on the canvass

And send it postage due! But do not bore
The Pope or he will vault that sucker in a
Space so untraveled it won’t even get
Recorded, noted, bibliographed or a gilded frame.

A canvass, any size, is a small price to pay
For such prime exposure. Thousands of foot-
Aching tourists will soon blow by your
Work to get to the world’s greatest gay ceiling.

San Pietro

Two French girls, not from Montreal, snap
A photograph of a California boy. “Excuse, Photograph?”
“Sure I’ll take one.” “No, I’ll take one of you.”
A Catholic Pilgrimage exalts a Latin Hymn.
(They flew in from Tai Pei.) Three German speakers
Plug in a tape by INXS, address post cards,
Laugh at lines written to amuse those friends left
At home with parents. The number six comes up
As some idiot breaks a biscuit to pigeon-size bits.

Some Joe in shorts wanders around waiting
For his wife to finish touring the basilica.
We found a few charms today, but they don’t
Equal the full alto laugh, the Bergman face,
The night before at the Red Coach Grille with
Jubelbier and Due´ Suppli. Once the clouds clear
Potent sun drenches the covered shoulders of
Girls wearing thumb rings. You stop. Dreaming of
Five-dollar gelato just doesn’t make it so. So

The shirts get tugged on one hand, buttons exposed
On the other. Two or three more languages cross
Mid-air in the always-windy, seldom-lonesome
Piazza San Pietro. The working stiffs:
Nuns with briefcases, light-suited locals
And ex-patriot dramatists mingle, or pass.
Now you are we again to hear perilous
Tales of narrow steps up to the top of a
Cupola way to high for human consumption.