Long Live Rock, be it Dead or Alive, July 2, 2013


Well, here’s the WHO. And the intro comes from Wolfgang’s Vault, an insanely complete pile of classic rock, jazz and everything musical. If you’re old and want to start in on major downloads of music YOU LIKE from YOUR ERA, I swear I fell in love with this site.

Anyway, why the WHO? Because, with the Kinks and Cream they make up the transition team from the Beatles to Led Zepplin. Since then, Rock went down two tracks: either pop-style with some blues or Check Berry or classical or jazz influences (BEATLES) or hard, which is mostly blues based. Absolutely enjoy the bass work of John Entwhistle, the surprising Hendrix influence on Townshend at that time, and let-lose drumming of Kieth Moon, of course. Is Robert Plant a better singer than Roger Daltry? Sure, but the idea that all four members of a band would be virtuoso players hit the Who about five years before Zep, with the hardly reachable three-man virtuosity of Cream wedged in between.

I don’t mourn these days because I was so much younger then. I mourn these days because I MISS MUSIC. Honestly what happened when Simon Cowel and MTV became the filters of music is a tragedy because author-based expressionist music disappeared.

Where would we be without Une-Autre movies? You know, the ones in which the writer and director are the same: Kim Ki Duk, Woody Allen, Federico Felini, Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch, The Cohen Brothers, Quentin Tarrentino, etc.? But this type of bravado and balls has been squeezed out of mainstream music to the extent that almost no cultural icons stand in the way of big business and big government making statements we can sink our teeth into.

OK Billy Brag is still around, but when was Rage Against the Machine’s last tour? The Dead Kennedys anyone?

As I’ve said before, when Neil Young dies, and Bob Dylan moves upward, and the last touring acts from the 70s and 80s, no less 90s disappear, the earth will have kissed goodbye to the Rock and Roll Era, the “Folk Music that Demands we join the protest” will too have succumbed.

If there is no music, if there are no movies, if there is no social outlet that presents our leaders with something to feel badly about…THEY WON’T and the earth plundering that keeps the “economy strong” will continue.

As will the decline in the value of labor, which, via free trade, seems to have no bottom, with Vietnamese weighing in a 14 Cents an hour, Chinese working 14-16 hour days at 52 Cents and hour, and the U.S. middle class demolished, and heading toward micro-wars in neighborhoods throughout once-proud Garden State hamlets like Camden.

What happens when Bruce Springsteen stops volunteering in every city he plays, or Sting and Bono quit bothering their leaders (and others) about the importance of the rain forests, etc.? You think our protests will be heard or even covered by the corporate-only media?

Oh SONY is to blame, as with the purchase of Columbia Records they got a hold of one of the major libraries of music ever assembled, and uh…who have they signed since?

Without heroes slobs, drunkards and greed-mongers become the heroes. This may have already happened. And what’s in it to be a hard-driving band with a message now? Bar gigs, maybe a following the size of Fishbone, or on a good night, the Minutemen or Butthole Surfers. Come on kids, please take back the airwaves, pay or no pay!




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