The 2012 Russian Federation of Universities research award winners announced

The 2012 Laureates prize of the Federation of Russian Universities for Scientific and Research books in Russia has been won by Kuznetsov, Katyshevtseva, and Stuber for “Modern Russian History.” It is the Research Laureates Prize winner, for 2012. A total of 4,983 books from 1,297 institutes of higher education were in the running. Four areas were nominated: Humanities, Technological, Law, as well as Economics and Administration. Laureates are chosen in each of the four categories.

Books from outside Russia were also part of the competition. Books from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Kazhakstan were also submitted for the prizes.

Of these only 85 received nominations in the field of humanities for the prize. Ivan Kuznetsov, Helena Katyshevtseva and J. Doulgas Stuber won the Prize and are 2012 Laureates of the Russian Federation of Universities.

Kuznetsov is Professor of history at Novisibirsk University (Since 2009 named the National Research University).

Katyshevtseva is a Professor of history at Izhevsk State Technical University named after M. T. Kalashnikov (Glazov Branch)

Stuber is a visiting Assistant Professor of English at Chonnam National University.

The book was published by the Chonnam National University Press.

This National Book Award is the highest Award achieved by any of the authors to date.

Stuber is a poet, artist and musician but mostly a professor. He has been at Chonnam National University Since March, 2007.

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