Fascism Versus Micro Loans

Polly Branch
I must admit, those days were so filled and often cloudy, and my naivite’ and fears kept me also shielded from some truths. While the creativity oozed from our small collectives, I delighted in the opportunity to jump into unknown waters. Fun memories and others not quite banked. So glad our paths did cross and that you left this small pond of beautiful big fish, to stretch and be the full extent of you-ness. There’s a potential relapse or rather reocurrance of a generational anqst of late. Young people needing the rennaisance we seemed lucky to be a part of then…I’m surprised at the lack of creativity among the youth, who depress the streets, walking in a fog. Perhaps more saddened that I (we adults) don’t have a better trodden path for them, or a means of inspirational communication. There has been a new entrepeneurial essence for the 30 – 40 yr olds creating, but I feel a void for the teens + Looking for ideas. Sharing that need among friends has been good on this here computer network, but I need to be in a current to feel the waters again, and know which way to flow.

Doug Stuber
I agree. Maybe it’s time to volunteer more with the Migrant Workers Suppoort Centers, or  the projects and streets of Durham where I used to teach for the Literacy council. Dangerous but fulfilling. The lack of REGULAR jobs turns into a lack of creative coolio businesses like three brother’s baker, because there isn’t any money left to support those ideas. This is why they call it a depression. Youth see very little to inspire, so, ahem, we better start working hard. Even a once-a-week place to let loose, be creative any way you want, and start to build local economies that are not involved with the globalized exploitation. Best way? Agriculture, as you know. Say you will do this and I will return to Roanoke. Recent MAJOR awards in Russia, plus up to 14 books now in poetry means I have a slim shot at a Hollins Adjunct spot. If one ever opens up. But i wouldn’t need that much to be Roanoke bound. Think about this a lot. See if “SEEDS” a program in Durham where people have a plot can work in Roanoke, or Probably there already is one. SOMEBODY must protect the crops that are not GMO and DO create plantible seeds. Otherwise Monsanto wins, and then the sadness in the eyes of youth will resemble Biafra, circa 1965. One last factoid: 45,000+ Indian farmers have committed suicide once they realized they would have to buy seeds every year due to Monsanto infestation. Oh? 45,000 skilled agrarians out of work due to suicide in INDIA? Yup, and Charles Taylor (Obama’s Agriculture Secretary) has been given the task of polluting all of Africa with Monsanto. Guess what, he is ALSO a Vice President at MONSANTO. OH la la, spreading this male-sterilizing stuff AT US TAXPAYER expense. what a disaster, really. Nice “change” Obama. ick

SO isn’t that one of the keys to solving this? Places like Ecuador taking donations so they can LEAVE THE OIL IN THE EARTH? Sweet idea. and what of the compressed-air powered TATA car, why aren’t they mandatory? Alternative energy? Only Germany has put in a very concerted effort, and they are up to 8% ONLY. Here in South Korea we are the most dependent on Nuclear energy per person in the world. Oh not joyous rapture, since the Fukishima plant in Sendai Japan just blew a couple of years back. Building nuclear power at the ocean…in the path of Tsunamis, kinda like building nuclear plant on the San Andreas Fault Line in California…they’ve “been there done that.” Who are the maniacal Apacolypse Now movie watchers that are praying for a lower population? Is it JUST the Group of Rome? I don’t think so. All of us, anyone outside “the bubble” has a chance of perishing now thanks to global warming ALONE. and then what about all the limbs lost in factory jobs that we DO NOT seem to scream about?: the value of labor is going down everywhere due to GATT 2 and globalization. Developed countries ship their high paying and high polluting jobs…Asia and South America in particular, get the brunt of the “never-to-be-in-the-middle-class” pollution laden jobs, and the corporations get fat on what amounts to slave labor. OK Wage slave labor. Man oh Man. Solution above perhaps. “Peace Boat” floats out of Tokyo teaching Asians how to better their local economies on micro-loans, etc.

The indigenous people will have to lead us out of our industrial sins. March on hard-working mothers and fathers. Wipe the sadness away via closeness and love. Remember, if you can…no money is a way to attain happiness.

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