Morons Unite, Copyright 2013, Doug Stuber

Morons Unite!

Even inner peace is a rare commodity in the days of scarcity
and resource wars. When poverty does not mean one small
meal per day, but none. For God’s sake forty five thousand
Indian farmers have committed suicide since they discovered, too
late, that they had to purchase and repurchase seeds of Monsanto’s
design. Uh oh, if a super-poor subcontinent looses it agricultural
knowledge base, what when Charles Taylor, who doubles as V.P at
Monsanto and Obama’s Agriculture Secretary, “follows orders” to make
sure Africa is one hundred percent “modified?” Is this earth or some
Will Smith end game movie, for real? The food, alcohol and motel
room rent make up the “turning tricks” industry, which represents
thirty percent of my town’s economy, how about yours? Forgiveness
still holds promise in a world rapt with quick kills, over-reaching black
versus white existence. Damn it all, must those who speak the truth about
crime (Mercury?) be jailed? This means history’s worst moments are
upon us daily rat-a-tat-tat: pokers to the eyes of anyone who sees, spreads
news. Oh, Obama sucks alright. Manchurian Candidate from within, as
Clinton was. Wage slaves, youth, laid off and former union members do
not ever vote, or vote Democrat, which by now is a whopper oxymoron.

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