2013 July 18 “This Life” Copyright Doug Stuber

This Life

Seven left to squeeze past empire’s excesses,
create a sustainable community from scratch. As in
the past, but with far more decimated earth, horrors
to relieve, uncertainty not experienced since
fire first got tamed, or the last war. In such a
small group love must prevail, but it’s been so
long, this unending war, this miserable ruination
of a once happy planet. Why couldn’t we
stop them before it was too late? Why couldn’t
we stop ourselves? It’s Polly and her drummers
versus the night time drug peddlers and those who
investigate them. It’s the regulars cowering in their
no-longer comfortable homes…yet by day these are
luxurious garden estates when spectrum-placed on
a world scale. World, we apologize, but now fight
our own battles to survive right here in River City,
Star City, communal beat, a siren to moon-glow, a
call to those who ignore elders, but, with little to do,
meander into street highs, pregnancy, no shame, but
solved when youngsters take any work, stop dreams.

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