This will end up a blood bath. Rich V Poor, White V Black, and any other divisions
the news can whip up to keep us from NOT making a revolution against the owners
of the means of production. WOW. At 120 gun deaths PER DAY we are already
in a category 1 Civil War.

Should it spread and more “DC Snipers” start picking off rich folks filling up with gas,
it will be a blood bath.

Should the DA and Courts grow ever more cozy,

Should the military trials that convict and leave people with Russia
as their homes,

Should the examples (Many) of how communities can survive the carnage laid out
by GATT 2 and NAFTA continue to be squelched into non-existence,

Should the environment melt even one grade further,

Should money rule over love in ways hitherto unseen (currently at a peak mind you),

Should all semblance of charity, and plain helping one another fade,

Should religions become even more fundamentalist (read greedy) and exclude
even more, thus creating yet another layer of divide,

Should even one more PC game, Chat, TV show, movie, “Pop Song,” newspaper or
social media site cause even one more to give up on life in favor of cyber-life,

Should Monsanto sterilize and cancer-ize the known world,

Should the population retract toward one Billion,

Should the Koch brothers demonize even one more truth-sayer,

Should the brains of Johnny Six-pack sink lower toward Vonnegut’s Harrison
Bergeron – complete with bells and whistles going off for those still smart,

Should 1984, which came to roost before 1984, become even more a reality
via even more surveillance,

Should parents, already horrified by their neighbor’s children, become even
more xenophobic,

Should the any-excuse-at-all increase the military police state:

then we’re fucked.

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