Tax Revenues and the poor,October 15, 2013

Jimmy Carter,Christian

George Schirtzinger Jimmah, it isn’t government’s job. You think so, you think you and yours know better than others the choices they should make, among them how much money goes to “charity”.

The Good Samaritan didn’t have a government minder telling him what to do. Much less an old grunt who installs people like Robert Mugabe and Hugo Chavez into power. It is one thing to be charitable, it is another to have money taken from you so others can claim “charity”.

There’s a reason you are reckoned to be among the most abysmal and feckless of Presidents.

That you keep coming back trying to grasp for relevance is a measure of how little you have learned over the years.

Where is Amy, these days? Hopefully she hasn’t spawned, which will end your branch of genetic material to the pool.
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Doug Stuber Ah, but with $17 trillion in debt due almost exclusively on our penchant for WAR, there’s no money left for safety nets,job training,or affordable health care either. So it’s a moot point. First Came NAFTA, then GATT 2, then shipping our manufacturing base to cheaper labor with TAX CREDITS for doing so. No comes more unemployment and a higher crime rate, but still, plenty of money for MORE for-profit JAILS and FEMA camps. What next,thinks you George Shirtzinger? Quick, hire more police! Protect the rich at all costs! I’ve gotten a lot out of helping other people, especially the under-educated in Durham and other parts of North Carolina….and I don’t need to thump a bible to do so.
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Doug Stuber Ooh don’t get me wrong,I have plenty against Jimmy Carter…while thumping HIS BIBLE he also propped up dictators in Indonesia and South Korea,via bloody counter-insurgencies. It’s the likes of Clinton and his Banking Reform Act and Welfare Reform Act I hate even more. Wow don’t get me started on the KING of the debt raisers: No one managed to TRIPLE the debt in 8 short years other than RONALD REAGAN. You could easily make the case that George Bush One and Two also stunk and killed people willy-nilly to accomplish…well….nothing…except I guess Saddam Hussein is Dead, and Manuel Noriega sits in a high-class prison cell with phone, fax,porn and who knows what all in Miami. Go figure: once we controlled Iraqi Oil (say 2004 for a ballpark figure) the price of oil skyrocketed 3 times from(in gasoline terms) $1.25 to 3.75 a gallon. Shouldn’t it have gone down since we owned it? No,thanks to JP Morgan who was fixing the futures market. It got so crazy and they were so determined to BUY BUY BUY contracts to up the price,they ended up having to purchase holding tanks and actually DELIVER oil rather than cover their positions,as most do every day. HELL, they kept buying for three years straight and never sold. Oh but they did drive the price back down to about $1.80 a gallon right before the 2008 election,but it sure wasn’t enough to counter McCain’s pick of the “Alaska Loon”…made me wonder if the Repubs were not serious about winning…in an attempt to be NOT in office during any potential meltdown from CLINTON’S Banking reform Act which allowed banks to lend $30 for every $1 they had (the previous law allowed a generous $12 to be loaned out for every $1 in the bank)…again TAX REVENUES will amount to a pittance compared to the continual problem of the geometric debt we owe to increasingly wary lenders. HELP THE POOR? Heck shouldn’t we be more worried about our bankers? HA

George, if Carter was merely FECKLESS, please, how do you reckon those SINCE him have done?

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