Two Chats worth noting

“I see,” she said.
“I want to see but my anger blinds. I want to feel but my body is numb. I want to hear but the machines are too loud. I want to taste but she won’t let me. I want to understand but my brain only works in its own language so I am alone in a sea of people. I can swim, but to where?”

And another one: “Receive your lord!!!!!”

“Oh my lord is Handsome Lake, the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) naturalist who would point out these spiritual realities: 1) that the creator gave everyone the power to solve their own problems 2) that all living things are gods with the ability to flourish or wither, thus do what they can to prosper or fail 3) that every living thing goes back to meet the Creator when it dies. The creator made this planet, thus he would not banish anyone, since the creator made everyone. We all go back to heaven when we die. Some with their heads held up, others shamefully for a life poorly led. 4) that to follow your dreams is the most important task because those who do not become a burden to others because they are frustrated or angry because they did not follow their dream. 5) to make everyone in the tribe feel like their contribution is vital to the survival of the whole tribe, no matter what they are able to contribute. To be welcoming, understanding, and to take interest in the different way people do things. To celebrate each human being’s way they live life, as each way is ordained by the Creator. 6) to be creative…to think of new ways of making things, and different ways of doing things, just as the Creator has.7) to make love is the highest form of homage to the Creator. To bring another life into the world and care for it, and teach it and nourish it, is to do the work the Creator expects us to do, thus continuing the wonderful life made for us here on earth. 8) each day should be half work and half play. Play is one of the things the Creator gave us our lives to do. No play leads to a miserable life. A miserable life can become a sad life, and become a burden to one’s family and clan and tribe. To avoid misery, play.”

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