The most Heinous thing about the pension cuts is that those legislating the further cuts are so rich they don’t need a pension. Their 401 (k)s are supplemented by millions in investments that, though taxable, use loopholes as simple as trust funds to evade taxes for two out of every three generations.

The Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank) can order up $85 million per day to be printed and,in effect,shipped directly into the New York Stock Exchange,thus propping up investments while foreigners and smart Americans get out. Yet, even while there is ALWAYS money for an increasing number of wars, we can’t find a way to salute our workers with a retirement?

Add rotting schools,expansion of jails, the shipping out of more and more jobs, and you end up with Detroit, Watts, Rochester, Buffalo….and we haven’t even made it to the U.S. Debt!

Paulson saved the bankers as a last great “feat” of eight years worth of Bush et al. Progressives do not amount to 1% of the US Congress. Retirees and Veterans may lead the list of those with grievances, but the robbing of the American work force is vast and complex and there is no sympathy for the wage slaves elsewhere,or the jobs lost here.

Gather with friends and grow your own food. Teach your children how to also.

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