How Did Bible Study Go?

It went very well. I also left Pastor Jonathan Shin my bumper sticker
and previous writing about Christianity.

Well, religion itself has been a part of a lot of my writing, whether as a journalist
or a poet.

I made a bumper sticker in 1988. I still have a few left. It was an important reminder
to those who somehow claim to be “Christian” but then end up to be pro-war, pro-greed
and using church coffers (collection plates) to fund US military operations in Nicaragua
at least back when the sticker was made.  The U.S. Congress had outlawed any more money going to the Contras, so The Mission Street Ministry and its “Moral Majority” took up the cause.

The man raising millions of dollars and buying planes so that guns and soldiers could be flown to war was a major Evangelical “Christian” named Jerry Falwell, who had Liberty University and bankrolled very conservative pro war, pro greed candidates for the U.S. Senate also.

The sticker? It says:

Jesus Is A Liberal

God is and should be pragmatic, but Jesus, according to the bible I’ve read many times, was a
liberal, pro-environment, socialist, pacifist, anti-war Son of God.

That’s why in the USA I attend the Quaker Church. It has strong working groups that actively tackle the problems of the poor, initiate peace rallies every time the USA starts another war (The USA has created 91 wars since World War II, all under “Christian” Presidents with “Christian” legislatures backing them up).

The only President who said “NO WAR!” was John F. Kennedy,who did not see any reason to KILL innocent people in Vietnam just because their had a different style of government. He was Assassinated for that belief. And Lincoln was shot for his belief that “Christians” should not own slaves.

There is little left of the 3000 cultures, languages, tribes that lived WITH NATURE in the United States before the “Christians” came and killed them all. My mother’s family are farmers and Native Americans. With all the Treaties that have been broken, you can understand why she was skeptical about whether Christians can live up to their word.

If I become a member of Gwangju KyoHoi I will ask to start two working groups. One would be an anti-war and anti-greed group, the other would be a group that works day and night to end prostitution in Gwangju.

Those are two of my ideas as a novice Christian. Christians should be stronger than pirates and thieves.

Capitalism has lowered the value of labor by moving its factory jobs to the cheapest labor it could find, at the expense of all the workers in the USA and Europe that used to be able to raise families on factory work. At least 40 million jobs from the USA have moved to cheaper labor, thus allowing massive greed at the top, while decimating the middle class of the developed countries,and assuring there never will be a middle class in China, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. This is Greed, supported by government laws that give tax breaks to those
who move jobs OUT. (Perpetuating the lowering of the value of labor and greedy profits for those at the very top of the money pile.)

And the USA is famous for moving factories into countries just AFTER a War, or using Freeport-McMoran and other USA companies to rebuild countries we’ve decimated (at the expense of the losing countries too!), or moving factories in after decimating economies via absurdly restrictive IMF loans that often get swallowed up by corrupt officials at the TOP but must be paid back by the very poorest who pay taxes at the BOTTOM. This assures USA industrialists more and more poor countries to find cheap labor in. All put together by
men and women who go to Christian church on Sunday. Oh we can do better.

I hope my point of view fits in well with the Korean Baptists Church’s point of view. So far it seems like it does.

Your favorite Socialist, “People over Profit”
PS I am sure you agree that those who claim Christ was conservative are bearing false witness, right?

One thought on “How Did Bible Study Go?

  1. I think of you almost daily, Doug Stuber, with awe for your activist/spiritual philosophy and apprehension for you and your family’s safety. Dare I use the expression “your are in my prayers”?

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