Hayian, Unexplainible in Mortal Terms Copyright 2013 Doug Stuber

Hayian, Unexplainable in Mortal Terms

Typhoon, earthquake, typhoon, how to find a benevolent God
when one place gets battered over and over? Why dear
creator, life-maker, dream-shaper, do you pluck for heaven
those who have struggled so hard to honor your gift by eking
out a life for their children, only to be blown away? Richville
never seems to get hit, or, we can drive away. Heaven must be
very good then, so this is it: the storms come to test us rich,
to see if we have kind hearts. Davao, Bohol, Leyte, Tacloban,
Cadiz, Cebu, they cry, we cry, but heaven must be good, so all
the work they put in gave them a free pass, one us rich folks
will never get…never get unless we turn around and help those
who need it rather than just ourselves. Most of us can’t imagine
the agony of losing a child, nor of the child who just lost both
parents, nor of those working abroad who can’t find anyone in
their family. Are our arms strong enough to hug them hard enough?
Time does not heal all wounds. If strong, maybe some can push
the pain back, further back, but it returns via songs they shared,
loves they lost, momentarily remembered, long enough in mind
to pull their hearts up through eyes, into tissue, or ears of their
best friends. Dig deep ex-pats, your fellow humans suffer now.

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