Reading in Chapel HIll plus “Hook-Billed Albatross” Copyright 2014 Doug Stuber


Ed Lyons, Richard Smyth and Doug Stuber will read together for

the first time ever at Flyleaf Books, Monday February 17th.  The store

is located next to Foster’s and behind Hunan near the corner of MLK/Airport

and Hillsborough Road (Note the police station).  Their book “Poems from

the Heron Clan II and Stuber’s books “Modern Russian History,” and 

“Open Secrets, Top Secrets” (both Chonnam University Press, 2012 and 2013 respectively)

are already available at Flyleaf.  Wine, Cheese, Beer.  Three poets, three times the diversity.


Hook-Billed Albatross

She stakes her dreams to the field’s love-shielding
grass at the end of her perforated rainbow. He takes his
turn ensured that she loves him by her food shopping,
house cleaning, love making. The hawk’s nest resists
the wind, remains aloft, agape for eggs and hatchlings,
fertile reminders that measuring time, even if only once per
season, does not slow it down; that migrating King Mackerel
offer themselves in massive schools to even amateur anglers,
as buffaloes had before sported to death. Six-toed cats and trans-
continental reunions emit their cosmic hum. Games and big news
keep connections alive. New friends meet old in a town you
haven’t lived in for twenty-eight years. Opposite colors, orange
blue collide, retract, expand over oysters, not slimy to hide pearls,
but slippery to replicate the activities they supposedly support.
Then a bull gator walks out of Lake Alice, scares drunk frat boys
and walks back in without incident. Our corresponding spouses
see the joy, join in the stories, though they are older. Beer
loosens the social bra straps, allowing a free flow of ideas to
sprout forth. Ibis flock issues screams from Payne’s Prairie, let’s
face it, this prairie is a swamp, Audubon’s swamp, thus stinky.

J. Bro… and two others, Copyright Doug Stuber 2014

J.-Bro, Come In For A Rest

How lusty couples must have been
when living forty to a house.
How long the wait might or must have been
for knowing youngsters to find a spouse.
No wonder French bishops found it rude
when invited to life “a-nude.”

Though life was short it was complete,
chores and wars, ten-hour weeks.
The rest was fun and play and feats:
tragically repeated by new age “freaks.”
Separated by many moons, denied
a chance to live by what’s inside.

Now controlled by each other’s greed,
not following our own true dreams:
anger, sadness, hatred replace Creator’s beams:
never enough means foreign children bleed.
No orator appears to stem the flow,
and if she did, she would get no show.

Who cannot be fascinated by the owl’s call?
Or the trout that jumps from stream in glen?
Who can sit instead of playing ball?
Or ignore their children’s questions when
the answer could direct them, dream come true,
to a life of farming, paddling on the blue?

The unified human soul is stuck and bleeding,
so snared our hearts we don’t know what to do.
Some thrive, though nature is receding,
birds and fish are dying in our stew.
Connections loosen, gadgets in our hands
answer back with their own demands.

Sunbathing turtle on low-hanging wood
enjoys sun’s warmth through the winter wind.
Even she knows that we have sinned;
would we turn back time even if we could?
Holding hands in unity works in smaller towns,
communal fun smooths economic downs.


Off she goes, facing

momentary flow

of real tears.

The last of the clever cube

workers programmed a local

music man

into the airplane,

Carolina bound.

Taylor serenades

her. Welcome to pottery.

She is adept at

multiple friendships,


without having to do the

familial, marital chores.

My plea is

to one day enjoy

the same lifestyle as

my wife and son.  Spoiled

yet productive, creative

and hard at

the books every day.  They sit

and watch as

I coalesce, stagnant

due to knee, hoping

writing keeps

my weight down.  Hawks and turtles

tie  us, sheet

ice, winter glimmer,

downshift, huddle close.


National Poetical Radio (NPR 1) “Recovery Man”

Boeing forces a new contract with no pensions, thus
widening the gap between rich and poor, and giving the
“New Economy “ another capitalist “win.” Forget a strong
middle class in which profits are shared by the workers, this
is all about robbing would-be pension money in order to
buy back stock, increase dividends, and massively expand
the pay of the executives. And with no middle class, who
will sit on your planes Mr. Manager? Hence, the last
twenty years of your life are made golden on the backs
of, and by the same ratio as, the 48,000 pensions, divided
by one thousand managers or 48 times as good as the former
“retirement” of the workers you just slammed. In Rochester,
Cincinnati, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, and nearly
everywhere else, the “New Economy” means rich stealing
the last vestiges of our manufacturing base for themselves.
Not mentioned is the fact that rising costs are shredding the
middle class and fixed income populations faster than a
speeding free trade agreement, more powerful than the Fed.
chairman, able to turn you homeless in a single bound. “Look,
it’s “recovery man,” chirping only of jobs created, not lost.

January 2014

Rubio for President? uh NO thanks

Watch out fellow Americans,it appears the candidates for President, from the Republican side will be even more rhetorically incorrect. In terms of Policy anyone from Hillary Clinton to Rubio here,would be a disaster. I like Gwen Fortune’s response to Marco Rubio’s “NO REPLY” button on a recent petition: How’s this for an encapsulated economic history of the USA?

The Senator’s reply to a petition says “Do not Reply.” Censorship is alive and flourishes. Dispensation NEEDED. thank you.

Senator Marco Rubio, FL:

I would like to inform you that the United States of America has long functioned under the governance and economic systems you propose as “new.” The designations are, broadly, as follows:

1.1776-1864-An oligarchy/colonialism under which enslavement of captured human beings on American plantations and businesses with some European immigrants under–“wage slavery” was the foundation of American wealth, in most states.

2. 1864-1874-A decade of participatory democracy in the defeated Confederacy–Reconstruction– that was dismantled by the hold-over and next generation of inheritors of colonialism-resurgence of the oligarchy.

3. 1875-6-1945-Segregation, re-disenfranchisement and re-ostracism for people of color , poor whites and immigrants, particularly from southern Europe –the darker ones.

4. 1945-1970- National efforts and attempts to broaden the franchise and life-chances for increasing numbers of citizens.

5. 1970 to the present, and projected into the known future, removal by the forces of denial of advances in citizenship and economics from benefits to citizens in all areas, economics, education, housing, health, –life chances.

The time period 1776-1864; 1874-1945;1970-present are ALL periods of emphasis on “States Rights”-The Confederate States of America-Jim Crow” segregation John Birch-Koch Brothers, and those who have no confidence in ordinary citizens to manage their lives and destinies. The American Revolution was an effort to broaden the franchise beyond monarchy and nobility. Today’s US “rulers” are a small proportion of the population, similar to what has controlled the nation-state from its beginning. “States Rights” is a call for “top down” control, the norm in history. It is beyond time for substantial change–a balance of individual-local-state-regional-national-global cooperation for the benefit of the planet on which we all live and die.

Parochialism–narrowing of opportunity–gives rise to dissent, and revolt–eventually, if not today.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. (Santayana–Paraphrased)

G. Y. Fortune, MA,MS, M Ph. M. Ed.D
Professor of History and Social Science (Ret.)

USA ROK relationship

The problem with the USA in East Asia, and in particular the Republic of Korea (ROK) is so subversive the truth rarely comes out, but how could the support of a ruthless dictator like Pol Pot in Kampuchea (Cambodia) ever be forgotten? In Gwangju who can forget William Gleysteen the US Ambassador to Korea under Jimmy Carter who OKayed the Paratroopers being sent to Gwangju instead of Riot Police. How did this effect the tragedy of May 18,1980? Because these troops were trained to be dropped behind enemy lines in North Korea and to fight to the death, killing as many as possible before they themselves dying. This is not the mentality a democratic institution should sponsor, and Carter never would have sent troops to quell a demonstration in the USA, after the Kent State massacre in which four students died while protesting the Vietnam war. But wait, eight people died at the wrong end of water cannons under the realm of Lee Myung Bak, anyone remember that? So the USA influence is longstanding and it can be reduced to this: Eastern Asia, and Korea in particular, have learned how to do terrible deeds for the benefit of the tiny few who make profits from war, in order to be part of the “winning team”.

In 2012 the USA was supposed to stop commanding the Korean Army, but it still does because Lee Myung Bak asked George W. Bush to extend the USA command over his army. Strange for a so-called conservative president I guess. Again look at the reality: The “practice-war'” troop movements in Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine of the USA and Korea happen in March most years. This could be done anywhere, but the USA-Korean armed forces always do them right on the naval border of North Korea, thus in many ways provoking attacks that have recently sunk the Cheonan (64 sailors died) and killed six via artillery fire on Yeung Pyeung Do. The propaganda war about Kim Jung Eun possibly creating a provocation of his own before March of 2014 began in December 2013. (Kim Jung Eun’s being noticeably worse as they are the kind people die in, unlike the US-South Korean war games).

Mongolia has sunk its economy with and without outside influence lately, so I am not aware of any major benevolent or foul play issues between the US and Mongolia lately. Others would know better than myself.

Historically, the US Navy transported police who volunteered from dozens of different cities to squelch protests in Jejudo in 1948. Many men in Jejudo died. The slaughter was blamed on “communists from North Korea” and that was a propaganda coup for the US, and a sure exacerbation of the war that was to follow. More can be discovered about this in George Katsiaficas’ great book “Asia’s Unknown Uprisings, Volume 1: South Korean Social Movements in the 20th Century”

Currently, the USA won a battle about KORUS free trade, and it benefits the US at about a 5 to 1 ratio of potential benefits for Korea. Thus less than three months after protesters against US beef imports died, the beef was in South Korea. And Korea has been good about enforcing its will on others, particularly in South American Free trade agreements, so the country has learned well. After all, if the beef farmers and rice farmers are meant to suffer more in South Korea, isn’t it worth it for the good will achieved with the USA? Uh, NO, because it increases South Korea’s dependency on foreign food for one, and the farmers have it hard enough in the Republic of Korea already! (Korea imports two thirds of its food supply.)

Though diplomacy appears to give the USA a win every time, in reality, the USA and other investors will continue to back South Korea’s ascendancy into a middle class population, EVEN as its own middle class is being decimated. Investors merely switch from Wall Street and the NYSE to investments in Asia, where economies are still growing, not contracting. Ah, but should this USA contraction, I call it a depression, persist and influence exports negatively, then the USA will be in NO POSITION to help any more.

Why not? Because of the Asian elephant China. China is, in a very large way, the driver of the USA dependency on debt to keep its economy afloat. This and the fact of the large North Korean border with China, assures that Northeast Asia will remain a hot-spot, and thus, diplomacy is being trumped, once again, by the specter of war.USA “diplomacy” often comes in the form of Drones, mercenaries, and hair-brained false and illegal wars whose intentions are to create a pathway for a new oil pipeline, and with little or nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction OR serious terrorist threats even. But, after killing perhaps a million people, many of them unarmed, the USA has created a permanent group of people who are anti-US, and they don’t have to be terrorists to be so.

The much-dreamed about permanent war that first started to fester after World War II turned around the American Depression, now is fully in play. Thus, by saddling up to the US, Korea has hitched itself to a country that will always be looking to make another war, and as far away from home as possible.

Details of how the Republic of Korea could win or lose due to this relationship with the USA are not as important as the fact that by doing so, the government is not fully Korean anymore. How dare I say that? The introduction of Tightly controlled Christian churches is another way the US indoctrinates the masses of South Korea. Even the Presbyterian Church is conservative in Korea. GEEEESH. No Quakers to be seen, but plenty of Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists (nudge nudge, wink wink?).

And on the cultural front KPOP has SQUELCHED all folk singers and anyone else who might sing against the corruption and injustice in government, and it did so by importing USA Disco and bubble gum boy bands, then made billions of Won converting them to scantily clad girls dancing and singing and being, well “western.” Ooopsy daisy, this cultural and governmental link up will have consequences in ALL of Asia as the other countries first get seduced by the dancing girls, and then will fall prey to the immoral, “fun now, pay later” mentality that has driven the USA past the edge of bankruptcy.

A Bankruptcy that could be climbed out of not via a more productive USA, but, the old fashion way. Via War.