Rubio for President? uh NO thanks

Watch out fellow Americans,it appears the candidates for President, from the Republican side will be even more rhetorically incorrect. In terms of Policy anyone from Hillary Clinton to Rubio here,would be a disaster. I like Gwen Fortune’s response to Marco Rubio’s “NO REPLY” button on a recent petition: How’s this for an encapsulated economic history of the USA?

The Senator’s reply to a petition says “Do not Reply.” Censorship is alive and flourishes. Dispensation NEEDED. thank you.

Senator Marco Rubio, FL:

I would like to inform you that the United States of America has long functioned under the governance and economic systems you propose as “new.” The designations are, broadly, as follows:

1.1776-1864-An oligarchy/colonialism under which enslavement of captured human beings on American plantations and businesses with some European immigrants under–“wage slavery” was the foundation of American wealth, in most states.

2. 1864-1874-A decade of participatory democracy in the defeated Confederacy–Reconstruction– that was dismantled by the hold-over and next generation of inheritors of colonialism-resurgence of the oligarchy.

3. 1875-6-1945-Segregation, re-disenfranchisement and re-ostracism for people of color , poor whites and immigrants, particularly from southern Europe –the darker ones.

4. 1945-1970- National efforts and attempts to broaden the franchise and life-chances for increasing numbers of citizens.

5. 1970 to the present, and projected into the known future, removal by the forces of denial of advances in citizenship and economics from benefits to citizens in all areas, economics, education, housing, health, –life chances.

The time period 1776-1864; 1874-1945;1970-present are ALL periods of emphasis on “States Rights”-The Confederate States of America-Jim Crow” segregation John Birch-Koch Brothers, and those who have no confidence in ordinary citizens to manage their lives and destinies. The American Revolution was an effort to broaden the franchise beyond monarchy and nobility. Today’s US “rulers” are a small proportion of the population, similar to what has controlled the nation-state from its beginning. “States Rights” is a call for “top down” control, the norm in history. It is beyond time for substantial change–a balance of individual-local-state-regional-national-global cooperation for the benefit of the planet on which we all live and die.

Parochialism–narrowing of opportunity–gives rise to dissent, and revolt–eventually, if not today.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. (Santayana–Paraphrased)

G. Y. Fortune, MA,MS, M Ph. M. Ed.D
Professor of History and Social Science (Ret.)

2 thoughts on “Rubio for President? uh NO thanks

  1. It’s fairly easy to pick out and spin only situations one likes. From the Puritans who tried socialism and then dismissed it after a year, to Franklin who was for it until he went to England and saw it in action, to the crushing failures, economic and spiritual, of USSR and China, to the many who want to come to USA legally, IN REALITY we are quite okay. I don’t think Rubio will destroy us. By the way, talking of censorship, Gwen Fortune censored me out of her group when I made arguments similar to the ones above. True liberalism is to listen and respond, not to ideologically react.

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