The US Role in Globalization

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The State of Globalization as realized by the G-20 in the year 2012
The United States and its economic allies, as defined by countries subscribing to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Global Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (Gatt I and Gatt II)and other free trade agreements, have assured themselves their best possible corporate profits by moving manufacturing to countries with lowest possible factory-labor wages without regard for how this effects their own labor communities, or the horrific consequences of moving products so far in the face of global warming and myriad other pollution concerns.
Lee Jae Eui, the author of the Gwangju Diary, and editor of the Gwangju Uprising, and head Nano-technologist at GIST rightly points out that the best governments are those who create a burgeoning middle class. If the opposite is also true, that the worst governments are the ones who favor larger corporate profits…

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Bob Dylan; 12 Years a Slave; THIS IS IT Copyright Doug Stuber, 2014

First, let’s all Thank Misters Zinn, Chomsky, Nader, Blum and the folks at Nation of Change, especially the lifelong work of Bill Moyers and Chris Hedges. Thank you.


Let’s not pussyfoot around: The earth’s natural and human resources are being raped at a clip that is going to make the earth unfit for human life in geological nanoseconds.

No One who has a job appears to care, as long as their families are OK, somewhat safe, cancer free, and Uh well, worked to death. How many hours per day, 10, 12, 14, more? how many days a week 6 or 7? IF YOU’RE HIGH ENOUGH UP THE LADDER SO YOU’RE NOT PULLING TWO OR THREE JOBS PER HOUSEHOLD THAT ADD UP TO TIME THEFT, then bully for you, but please take the time to see what the profit kings have done in:

Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines (well as farmers they are better off, as the Chinese were until they moved into town, and for all their work ENDED UP IN DEBT. Not debt to buy mommy the latest handbag (hello Korea) or daddy the latest car (hello USA) or for FASHION or the latest KPOP hit, or, for that matter, even three changes of clothes. No indeed, they are in debt to pay the light bill and to eat.

Food Stamps? If your in an already poor state that had the audacity to vote against the Republicans, then WHAMMO your food stamps will be cut. Medicaid? Florida says it won’t pay to expand it, so it loses A TON of Federal Money for medical support and the state (WTF!?) doesn’t care.

Poor, tough it out. Out of work, tough it out. HAD YOUR JOB SHIPPED TO CHEAPER LABOR? TOO BAD.

Living in Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, now France, and under big fat government debt no one wants to finance anymore. Living under one or another version of the IMF’s austerity plans. TOO F***ing bad.  The USA gets refinanced DAILY because we still are a market folks can sell in…but for how long?

Is your country the “lucky” recipient of pollution-laden factory jobs that can come and go on a whim (note all the factories Disney closed in China) then you too can suffer as the women in Asia do from Thyroid cancer that comes on the specks of Yellow dust from the Gobi Desert, picking up NO2 along the way. (Nitrous Dioxide is caused by the emissions form coal-fired power plants, and there are many of these, sometimes one for each housing complex, scattered throughout Asia.)

TEPCO, Fukushima, Sendai…enough said? Not really, as the 2,500 plus fuel rods have needed to be moved for YEARS now and none of them have been moved due to the threat of a chain reaction explosion. UH HUH, meanwhile the buildings that house these rods (in wet storage not dry cask…uh…idiots!) are slowly crumbling. If you think this alone couldn’t mean the end of animal and plant life…look up more of the facts.

So here a protest, there a turned over government police bus, here a fire, there a Kiev, here an Arab Spring, there a CIA plot, and BINGO Mr. Obama President can’t for the life of him IMAGINE bringing the troops home now, and may yet delay the Afghan pull out, or, (this one is my personal guess) like Iraq, instead of HOME the hard fighting men and women will be further deployed to another “threat.”

It’s not every day I turn to the Jehova’s Witnesses for advice, but uh, WHEN IS JESUS DUE BACK ANYWAY?

You see, in “12 Years a Slave” we have the perfect movie, as the slave “owners” preach the bible and use it to justify….horrors beyond belief. Or beyond our ability to remember.  It was CHRISTIANS that wiped out 3000+ cultures in the “Americas,” and CHRISTIANS that cooked up slavery, and CHRISTIANS who use their religion to spread the concept that the rich shall, in fact underpay labor.   This is highly evident in South Korea, where the country is almost 40% “Christian” while one church alone (Seventh Day Adventists) own companies that control over 30% of its food supply.  Its stunning really, as Asia is only two percent Christian (see “No Man Shall Profit from Another Man’s Labor” right in these archives).  Oh the “Christians, who so desperately want to save my soul, have been busy contradicting their own book and specifically “Thou Shall Not Kill,” for so long, why should we believe a thing any Christian says until Jesus himself comes back to say it?

I’m confident he’d puke at what has become of the churches run in his name.  Imagine all the scandals if you can, that the Catholics, Baptists, George W. Bush Methodists and others have had to try to bury.  Kudos to the Quakers, and many many Catholics who lead the pro peace movements.  But far too many GREEDY Christians are not called out on the carpet publicly AND IN CHURCH, right?

Any reader care to guess when Iraq will forget what the Christians have done there in the last decade +?  Hmm, the crusades stunk.  The mass genocides in the Americas stunk.  Maybe the USA had glory days from 1950 to 1980.  OH?  but to assert this we have to ignor both the Korean and Vietnam wars.  OUCH…

Uh, “workers of the world unite?” is not enough these days, as the money that owns pretty much 90% of the governments around the world is NOT going to go down without a fight.  But if civil wars break out (again Ukraine is a piece of pie compared to what a civil war might look like in China or the USA) but Ukraine is instructive in that it took no time for Russia to reassert itself in what had been a sovereign state.  HA Sovereignty, long lost to GATT 2 and other trade treaties.

Privacy and other matters long lost in the USA which, has (ask any African American or Latino) for decades been a growing police state.  More whistle blowers may have the balls to stand up.  Some may land in “foreign” countries that are also (thanks Hedges)  controlled by thugs.

When countries sink to the point of selling off their resources RATHER than manufacturing products OTHER countries want to buy, they are perilously close to the edge of economic and social stability cliffs at the same time.

POINT: wage slavery is not much better than the USA slavery was.  The developed world offered corporations massive tax cuts FOR MOVING JOBS OFFSHORE.  The service jobs that were supposed to be what saved the USA, for instance, have quite regularly been shipped to India.

The saddest part, is that under the USA’s so-called democracy, there is no way to oust the politicians that are owned now that “Citizens United” allows unlimited and ANONYMOUS donations to political action committees.  This is wide open bribery season.  Before this things like “books” were used, as donors would simply, say purchase 112 million of New Gingrich’s book, and then he could….well….do with the winnings whatever he pleased. K Street lobbiest are the tip of the iceberg race fans.  But worth investigating.

TO investigate.  TO be an investigative reporter.  To win a Pulitzer Prize.  TO get fired for BEING AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER.   Which newspaper (Not Seymour Hirsch at the New Yorker, but OTHER THAN HE) now that Molly Ivins has passed, which newspaper is stock full of investigative reporters on the lookout for the next Watergate…ARE YOU KIDDING DOUG!?  Which TV newscaster other than the FIRED ones (ha CBS rid itself of Dan rather, a COMPANY MAN most of the time, over a real letter really written to really get George W. out of harms way in Vietnam (he was playing golf in Alabama and checking in once a week as I recall).

11 Editors fired by publishers for writing editorials against DESERT STORM mind you, so that by the time Shock and Awe comes along (yes people WERE shocked in Abu Graib and at the far end of “extraordinary renditions” — nice line Condy! — as well as waterboarded) nary a readable word against it and ONE count her as ONE vote against it out of what 585 or so in congress.  Shit Hitler never even had that type of mandate.

OH the list is large.  What of the Tower 7, 1 and 2 videos at the World Trade Center?  Anyone seen those?

I boiled it down for a large Green Party Convention in 2000 in Charlotte NC, USA (these views are mine not the Green’s) and the next poem I drag back up to the top here will be an addendum to this rant.

Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Kezar Stadium, March 25, 1975; Copyright 2014 Doug Stuber

Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Kezar Stadium,
March 23, 1975

Miniature elephant wrinkles on display:
You forgot that you were aging?
Recall the nights your bands would play
To loud crowds, swelling, raging.
Maybe over now or not
But memories delight somehow.

Crisp winter sun provides cleaner air
As children walk to school.
We’re past the time but some still care
About the golden rule.
Entertainment distracts the masses
As powers fight for oil and gasses.

Consumption now outstrips the earth’s
Ability to feed, so starve,
While the top five percent, in mirth
Enjoy their greed and carve
Into a leg of lamb or steak, and
Noblesse oblige is gone, forsaken.

Folk stars dust-binned, no one left
Billy Bragg must eat alone.
No voice of truth, the “news” bereft
Of all but money’s clones.
So sing back-alley minstrel men
Wake the masses once again.

Come on ladies show the way,
Us men have messed things up.
Gaia gasps on pollution’s gray
And Pacific plastic cups.
Inconvenient? No far worse,
Our luxuries’ are now a curse.

The joy that once filled Yasgur’s field
No longer is allowed.
Police state drives us all to yield
So completely cuffed and plowed
That children only seek big bucks
Humans perish “karmic luck.”

Dimitri Yashon or Vladimir Putin? Copyright, 2014 Doug Stuber

Dimitri Yashon or Vladimir Putin?

When the Steppes are cleared of tanks
And to the wheat they flow,
The dwellers pack what they find dear
And the horde begins to flow

To any border, fleeing home and friends
To escape the war’s commands.
Bullets never ask
“On which side do you stand?”

Thus the pain spreads out
As economies snap with fear.
When millions “camp” in tents,
Relief groups in high gear.

All because that angry mob
Kept demanding without end,
The fires burned in Kiev
During Sochi’s blend

Of sporting feats and brotherhood,
Making leaders look like louts.
Suspicious timing makes us think
The D.C. goons incited bouts

Of flaming cocktails
Well-known lobs
Igniting this reaction,
Causing all to quit their jobs

Except the desperate soldiers
For whom a uniform stood
As a point of pride and food
And power, on the side of good.

But who is good when tempers flare
And mortar fire impales,
As scattered beams and windows
Act like Pilate’s nails?

Children don’t get older,
Crops wither, death is king.
Christians versus pagans
As congregations sing.

None stay to snap or write
Even if they dare
To muster strength and pick
The side that seems more fair.

Nothing’s fair in love or war,
Coercion wins the fight.
Negotiation, a long lost art,
Starvation has the might

To turn our brains away
From God’s gifts once more.
Ukraine, so horrific, another
Case of “Christian”  blood and gore.