Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Kezar Stadium, March 25, 1975; Copyright 2014 Doug Stuber

Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Kezar Stadium,
March 23, 1975

Miniature elephant wrinkles on display:
You forgot that you were aging?
Recall the nights your bands would play
To loud crowds, swelling, raging.
Maybe over now or not
But memories delight somehow.

Crisp winter sun provides cleaner air
As children walk to school.
We’re past the time but some still care
About the golden rule.
Entertainment distracts the masses
As powers fight for oil and gasses.

Consumption now outstrips the earth’s
Ability to feed, so starve,
While the top five percent, in mirth
Enjoy their greed and carve
Into a leg of lamb or steak, and
Noblesse oblige is gone, forsaken.

Folk stars dust-binned, no one left
Billy Bragg must eat alone.
No voice of truth, the “news” bereft
Of all but money’s clones.
So sing back-alley minstrel men
Wake the masses once again.

Come on ladies show the way,
Us men have messed things up.
Gaia gasps on pollution’s gray
And Pacific plastic cups.
Inconvenient? No far worse,
Our luxuries’ are now a curse.

The joy that once filled Yasgur’s field
No longer is allowed.
Police state drives us all to yield
So completely cuffed and plowed
That children only seek big bucks
Humans perish “karmic luck.”

One thought on “Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Kezar Stadium, March 25, 1975; Copyright 2014 Doug Stuber

  1. Can I just say…I LOVE this! You’re absolutely right, we need more of those “back alley minstrel men to WAKE the masses again”, (very inventive verse by the way) to use constructive and enlightening lyrics in their work. Drugs, clubbing, promiscuity…all destructive diversions from the true, harrowing problems of the earth that they are promoting in mainstream music. “Consumption” outweighs resource availability, making a hellish existence for the indigent who don’t have ancestry tied to “the noblesse oblige”. The “five percent” revel in luxury. We’re becoming a police state and our individual ‘unalienable rights’ are being violated everyday, ever unmasking the empirical rule of this country hiding behind the veil of democracy (which is a ruse anyway…we live under a constitutional republic!) Back to your poem, I concur we don’t need to use “entertainment [to] DISTRACT the masses” from the iniquities of the powers that be, we need those “folk stars” to come out of those dust bins and use their music as a channel for AWAKENING! I hope I got the gist of what you were saying! But once again, I so admire your simplistic style, conveying SO MUCH in just a few stanzas. *Sponge Mode* lol


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