More Spring Haiku, Copyright 2014, Doug Stuber

OK a bit abstract, the two ninety degree turns were turns of a cake box the new employee was watching the master accomplish

Dougstuber's Blog

Expressionist clouds
add no contrast in spring dust,
your dreams are not theirs.


Two ninety degree turns as
novice looks
determine expert
status as the day’s
batch of cakes arrive

at Paris Baguette,
the one place
sanctuary is
assured. Sweets and coffee now

as satisfying respite.
Three Ficus
emit oxygen.
Apron-boy follows
his leader without

doing anything.
Large doses
flow in sugar fiends:
make such luxury jobs a
common sight

in post-war,
post-colonial Gwangju.
Han River,
miraculous, gives
a free life to young

dreamers: three
times more creative pursuits,
eight times more
cars, and micro-dust
suffocating us.

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