Broken Humans Mend

Broken humans mend
as yang-tilted earth erupts
in war after war.
Grapes, resembling testicles
bunch on a

plate as she,
channeled, returns to
proselytize that all
I have to do is
pray, and life will be

good, not only in
my heart, but those around me,
if I can ignore
all the bad, let it flow by,
make myself

better, stop
crying, worry no
more about my son’s
future, reach for my
dreams, and chant.  Of course

this will work
as long as I don’t mind a
life made by,
for and of others.
If I could focus

on just me
and fix my heart, and find a
happy life
no matter where or
how, but by God, now.

And here’s the chant you are supposed to repeat a ton of times a day:

Mu il mu sang

yeong sang beop bul

sin in hap il

chun bu gyeong

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