Spring Haiku, Copyright Doug Stuber, 2014

Cherry blossoms lure
creaking knees. Tired eyes see
mountain’s April pink.


After the shapely
twenties, way
after, when cool weather coats
in floral patterns
are the same, every

from New York to Bonn
finds grandmothers in
full chat, canes leading,

days the purse
swinging beauties don’t even
think about. Why, when
all male eyes

move with them
and horizontal
stripes do no harm to
perfumed eloquence
disguised as

novice nymph?
A full bag of expensive
ginseng hangs,
dangles in the wind.
Skirt shakes in tempo

over heels.
The gift must be for an aunt
but she’s dressed
for some party she
won’t want her to guess.

The Successes and Failures of Barack Obama

Successes and failures of Barack Obama

Success #1, he beat Hillary Clinton in the Primaries before the 2008 US Presidential elections to become the Democrat Party Nominee. He did this with 62% of his campaign funding in the primary stage coming from registered Republicans. He succeeded again in defeating John McCain and his ill-thought-out running mate Sarah Palin. This pick was as if McCain did not want to win. Success #2.

But the pick was not nearly as disturbing as Barack Obama’s pick of Joseph Biden. Why? Because Biden had been the MOST pro-War democrat in the house Foreign Affairs Committee ever. And he led that committee to steer votes in favor of huge military overspending and unwise and unnecessary wars throughout his career.

Failure 1) (F-1)Obama ran on a platform of “We’re Going To Change Washington” and he not only failed to change Washington, in most cases he did not even try, or caved in to Republican demands even when the House, Senate and White house were ALL in Democratic control. How is this possible? Because so many Democrats are owned by the same corporations that own Republicans, for one, and, all but two being millionaires themselves, are inclined to vote for bail-outs for the rich (most of which happened before Obama took office, right at the end of Bush Junior’s reign with Goldman Sachs President / Secretary of the Treasury Henry “Hank” Paulson jamming a bill through congress that handed the richest bankers in the world trillions of dollars [BERNANKE HANDS OUT $16+ TRILLION in ZERO% GIFTS TO BANKS…] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/08/foreclosure-settlement-fails-mortgage_n_1754018.html) to clean up their own sickeningly bad investment choices that had, in turn, caused a meltdown in the US housing markets to the tune of 10,000 home foreclosures a day…The USA is now experiencing less foreclosures, at “only” 1,400 PER DAY. Mind you the daily foreclosure figures in the USA Depression of the 1930s were nowhere near as high as this six year low for the USA. This amounts to failure number 2.

1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Recession
2) http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/08/15/home-foreclosures-fall-end-year-6-year-low/


These are entire families financially ruined in numbers far worse, even on a per capita basis, than in the 1930s. Yet, no one seems to care in the USA, except maybe the families living in their cars under an overpass in, say Tampa, Florida.

Thus, Obama and his team have done precious little to stop home foreclosures, because to do so, for one, would include bringing jobs back from overseas. He promised to “put Americans back to work” and has failed on this issue too (Failure #3). Why can’t he bring back jobs that paid $15.00 to $30.00 an hour, from countries that received all these US labor jobs and pay .14 cents to .52 cents an hour in wages? The question answers itself. BUT Obama never even tried to halt the tax exemptions that give corporations a TAX BREAK for moving jobs overseas (F-4). Honestly, what kind of government would give companies a tax break for sinking their OWN PEOPLE’S jobs? A government controlled by the owners of the means of production. More proof of Obama’s failures (but only the workers and regular folks would call these failures. After all Obama was mostly elected by Republican money, hence for himself and his cronies, these are seen as successes!) Is that as far as one can ascertain ZERO jobs have moved back from

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