Liebster Answers

Thanks Jnana at for my first Leibster award. Here are his questions for me:

What do you like best about living where you do?
My job as Assistant Professor at Chonnam National University. It has allowed me to write six books: a textbook “Dental Business English,” “Modern Russian History” with I. Kuznetsov and H. Katyshevtseva, Poetry books “Korea and Beyond,” “Weehiya,” “One Last Fling at Love,” and “Top Secrets, Open Secrets” which I ship out upon request, but the shipping fee is high from Korea to the USA.
• Early bird or night owl?
Early Bird Monday through Thursday, both on Friday Saturday and on Sunday night I rest.
• Which fits best: hippie, hipster, steampunk, dystopian? (Other?)
• Cat, dog, both or other as pets? And what are their names?
In the USA we have Deer, racoons, Rabbits, Beavers, a Heron, Turtles, Opposoms, Black Snakes, Hawks, Turkey Buzzards, Squirrels, Foxes and Coyotes, but haven’t named any yet.
• Name one thing that makes you angry.
• For a getaway, which would be your first choice (and why): Mountains, seashore, Disney World, Las Vegas, a cruise, a city.
Seashore known as Canandaigua Lake. Because I spent summers there in my youth, and it is the Haudensaunee “chosen place” where league-wide meetings used to be held on Bare Hill.
• Favorite bliss?
• Favorite charity?
Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Let’s keep it alive!
• Name something you do as a spiritual or artistic practice.
I paint. I have painted abstract expressionist painting and exhibited work in earnest since 1978.

• Pick a comfort food to match your mood now.
Ice Cream, Byers Mint Chocolate Chip
• Describe your significant other in one word or phrase.
Kwang Suk Park, the potter.

2 thoughts on “Liebster Answers

  1. So many surprises, Doug! And thanks for responding.
    Antioch, by the way, was a haven for me in my teens, trapped as I was in Dayton.
    Now, for the rest of the Liebsters, tune in Friday.

    • OH it’s where I started my journalism career at the Yellow Springs News. Ken Champney (mentioned before) and a Quaker, was an influence, but none greater than my Uncle Tracy Logan, who initiated those white bicycles you could use and park anywhere. he also had a free Sunday Bike Clinic, and other than flour and peanut butter, and maybe a weekly run to Young’s as part of a neighborhood co-op, mostly ate food he grew himself. His son Tracy moved BACK to Yellow Springs, having had enough of the “real world” I figure. There is an Antioch Alumni group in Chapel Hill, NC, where I reside in January and February. His wife Beverly is still a voice teacher, and may never retire (she must be over 65 by now, he he).

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