Smart Phone Addiction, by a 20 year old

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HA! Reads like prophecy. Nothing really funny about it actually. To the mind that isn’t technology-intoxicated, these are very sobering days…although this demanding gadget age makes total teetotalism nearly impossible, tiptoeing via conscious, minimal usage does a lot for maintaining healthy balance. So many kids get so addicted to these screens, they would rather replace authentic social interaction with electronic correspondence….which leads to significant under-development. There is nothing quite as mind-sharpening as being able to hold one’s own in stimulating conversation, in quick-witted repartee, in learning how to relate to several different types of people, etc. The repercussions of these growing and unhealthy fixations? A generation of idiots, a widening gap between the generations, a generation of checked-out and apathetic zombies. Just one of the lesser effects: in 2008, a high school sophomore, Michelle Hackman coined the term for the psychological stress induced by gadget obsession called Disconnect Anxiety, corroborated by a market research group which found over 40% of people were suffering from anxiety when separated from their phones.….reminds me of the tremors alcoholics experience. lol You and I agree completely! People need to wake up from the sleep of virtual reality and spend hours fixated upon REAL issues. Thought you’d like this, I certainly did!


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