More on Ukraine not seen on US TV

and this one

and this one

and this one

WHen the lady says that there are NOTORIOUS activists, these are the Ukrainian NATIONALS that OBAMA supports. OK? It means the ones setting the buildings on fire (not it was a trade union building) are the ones OBAMA supports. By doing so he is not just supporting a JUNTA, that overtook the government in Kiev, he is also going massively anti-democracy and enraging Putin in Moscow as well.

It may well be NONE OF THE USA’s business, but if something isn’t done the genocide shall continue, one assumes. However, to join Russia and put an end to it (the two countries of USA and Russian Federation could easily put an end to this) would then take us back to World War II in which the USA and USSR were ostensibly allies.

With Obama pledging a billion here a billion there to in effect be ready to attack Russia with, Putin is wisely not reacting to this mess.  But a mess it will be and it will continue to be, so we’ll see if anyone halls the nerve to bomb their way into the middle of this and end it.  If no one steps in from outside, it appears the ethnic Russians in Ukraine will be on the losing end of a cleansing “war.”  Ah, but by backing the Junta-turned brutal Kiev regime, Obama is guaranteeing a mess, a big mess, and a big mess that will get bigger.  WHY>!?


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