Seoul rumination

Can’t help but think about the triple witching (at which) hour happening between July 1 and September 14. July 1 marks the legal moment at which the us government will be allowed to default in up to 30% of it’s debt at its discretion. July Aldo marks the war game maneuvers in Poland at which the EU, USA , and NATO troops will practice a war. Right next to Ukraine. And September marks the Federal Reserve meeting at which they may stop buying US 10 and 30 year bonds. For years now quantitative easing has meant the FED had pumped 85 billion then 55 billion per month into the bonds to keep interest rates at zero percent. When they stop buying these bands the entire safe investment realm known as bonds and utility stocks could rank in a huge way.

It’s a lot to think about in one summer. Hope we make it to Christmas in one piece. Peace.


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