Exquisite Corpse

Tonight at the Company Store, Doug Stuber, MaRanda Kiser, Max Irwin, w.a. robins, and Tim Botta wrote the following exquisite corpse/questions & answers poem together. initials are guesses as to who may have written what, except for the ds, which is Doug Stuber).

Questions & Answers October 13, 2004

What is metaphysical passion? (mk)
It’s raining blue outside.

What blooms inside the souls of bomb-dead children? (ds)
The answer is the jacket, sitting on barb-wire.

What are epitaphs? (mk)
A blank book with a pen that ran out of ink.

What screams are heard from the throats of starvation? (ds)
These are things I didn’t want to omit.

What is the definition of “inversely proportionate”? (mk)
Ask me again, after I’ve finished the wine.

What smell exudes when tulips sprout from corpses? (ds)
The loudest alarm ever invented.

What is stigmata? (mk)
Socratically, what is the deal.

What clock records October’s orgasms? (ds)
A model of the human body.

What is an arabesque? (mk)
That is why we left.

An Exquisite Corpse is a group of people writing blindly. I was part of the questions group and the answers group did not know the questions. Look at the results of blind answers to unknown questions.




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