Priorities #1


Limiting access to or putting a fast lane on the Internet, thus privatizing it, is exactly the same as banning assembly. Imagine being charged to hold a town meeting! (…as if Patriot Acts One and Two were not a huge enough affront to the Constitution!)

And who passed out a license to sell natural resources? Aren’t they a gift from God? The airwaves come to mind. As if advertising wasn’t enough of an interruption, along came cable to privatize TV. These are part and parcel of an urbanized population, like electricity in the home.

Power lines had to be built, and, for instance, coal needs to be mined, so paying for coal-fired power plants makes sense. In nuclear fuels, uranium over Thorium was a gigantic error, but ensured profits due to the “rarity” of uranium, compared to Thorium which is everywhere. Both these types of electric power generation should be halted as soon as possible.

Not for a second do I favor nuclear energy over solar, wind, hydro, because, nuclear, of course, causes pollution and the threat of extremely toxic pollution for thousands of years after the rods a spent. Fukushima may well exterminate a large percentage of us as 2500 spent fuel rods must be moved by hand before their buildings collapse, otherwise it’s an unparalleled chain reaction KABOOM. The three year process of moving them has yet to begin because no one can figure out how to do it safely. Nuclear war would be worse. Not much worse.

Bottled water, and plastic in general run a close race with carbon emitting electricity for “most insane for the longest period of time” notoriety. But also in the money is fossil fuel consumption for individual vehicles. Why trucks over trains? The teamsters can tell you but the logic is a failure. Short-haul trucks could get to the spots not covered by tracks.

Which country will follow along and ban plastic bags? Which will take one work’s of the money spent on bottled water and clean up every municipal, suburban and rural water supply? Which government will stop spending money on war and pay the massive number of currently-unemployed to hit the sea clean up the gigantic floating country (Korea sized) of floating plastic in the Pacific. Anchors Aweigh indeed.

Who will lead the way and ban automobiles in their country? They sure aren’t needed in Europe or South Korea. Take any jobs lost from such a move and hire the people to work cleaning up myriad pollution urgencies. The DMZ here in Korea proves, when untouched by man, wilderness prevails, and animals too. Is it only Ecuador that can muster the moxie to accept money to NOT drill oil? What good is this plan when new drivers pop up in Asia by the fist-load every day? And how many of us have quit the habit in North America? How can we?

Could there be a law requiring tele-commuting? How about one the puts a limit (7 miles or so) on the distance between work and home? Would these be more unconstitutional than a private Internet!?

With patented seeds that produce that leave no usable seeds for the next year, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have made life so hard for farmers in India 55,000 have committed suicide so far. They had no idea what their own farm bureaucracy had in store for them. Crops with no usable seeds!? This inevitably leads to agri-business farming more-costly food (even if 20% more crops are squeezed out per acre) and (he writes, asking for mercy) a population beyond the earth’s resource capacity.

Already, so they say, we use up five years worth of resources every year. How long, when coupled with Global Warming’s climate change and its whopper storms and droughts, can we humans expect to survive? I figure food delivery becomes a boom business as arable land and food resources dry up (or flood). Watch for truck and train hijackings, if they are carrying food. The Wild Wild West could return to the USA if our economy really tanks. And since most other economies sell a lot of goods inn the USA, a ripple effect is guaranteed.

Why are Google and a handful of others the only ones willing to invest in projects like the infrastructure needed to allow various sized wind farms off the east coast of the US? Why aren’t solar farms and individual homes required by law where feasible? Haven’t the utility companies monopolized resources and spread black lung disease long enough?

We could step toward a sustainable earth, or continue on as is. The problem with status quo capitalism is that so many people are getting poorer, and it does not leave anything for future generations except war, starvation and agony.

Is any government willing to force its people to bite the bullet now? None on the horizon. It means major tragedies to come as proven by Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, US versus the world for fossil fuels. If consumerism were traded for agrarian sharing and “build-only-that-which-does-not-pollute” economies, sure enough we’d have a lot less doo-dads, and less money would flow to the top 5%.

But the world’s population might stabilize naturally not via war and starvation. Sure the top 5% would be hurt by such legislation, but we’d have a planet our great-grandchildren could play on, rather than fight over.



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