Don’t Vote, Hillary, Grow a Viable Third Party, or move away

Here’s a big reason NOT to vote for or support Hillary Clinton.

Look, Robert Reich, with more credits than I, figures if Hillary would
just COURT the downwardly mobile American middle class (but how, by
promising to bring jobs back?) then she could win that way in 2016.

Oh please, this is so Democratic an approach, but both her husband and Obama have proven
they are split tongued establishmentarians.

My response is on the bottom of that piece, but also here :

But is was William J. Clinton who pushed HARD for NAFTA, thus hurting the blue collar workers (Perot had this part right) with the sucking sound of jobs moving to Mexico, then did it again with the pushing onto Democrats to pass GATT 2 which formed the World Trade Organization, thus broadening the job moves to Asia and the rest of the world. Bill was at it again with the 1995 Welfare Reform Act, that took so much away from low or no income Americans, a group that was growing exponentially thanks to his free trade ruse. And yet again with the 1995 Banking Reform Act that allowed banks to lend $30 for every $1.00 they had, thus causing, a little later, the 2008 meltdown due to sub-prime loans. The Sub was right, but these loans were guaranteed to fail, then the banks took out derivatives PAYING them when the loans failed, then they foreclosed the houses and sold them for peanuts (having locked in a gain via derivatives) and GOD FORBID, got BAILED OUT to boot, thus assuring two huge wins and a bonus (as in bonus check, which continued) of whatever they sold the houses for. What makes you Robert Reich, or any other Democrat think that Hillary would be any different? COME ON, be real, if you want change, create a viable pro-labor, pro environment, anti-war third party,and work hard to help it win a few seats.


I’m willing to move back to the USA, give up a dandy job (anyone out there get 23 weeks off a year?) and rejoin the political fray IF and only IF a genuine pro-labor, pro environment, anti-
war party gets itself up and rolling in earnest.

Sweden has NO ARMY. How about that! Easy for them to do, THEY HAVE no enemies.
I don’t know a single soul who has a THING against Sweden, what’s not to like?

Meanwhile, Obama is backing the Junta Thugs in Kiev. Putin hasn’t flinched…so far.

OK so we should defend ourselves, but for STARTERS, how about closing each and every out-of-country military base, and letting the soldiers opt into pollution clean up at their CURRENT pay rate, or even higher.


Main article: List of United States military bases
British Indian Ocean Territory – Joint UK-U.S. Air/Naval base on Diego Garcia, a territory of the UK
Germany – more than 30,000 personnel, 56 U.S. Army facilities, 5 USAF/NATO bases, 1 USMC camp, and 1 regional medical center
Guam – U.S. Territory
Italy – The home base of U.S. naval ships in the Mediterranean, with four military bases: three Navy bases (Naples, La Maddalena, Gaeta), and one Air Force base (Vicenza) – totaling approximately 23,000 personnel
Japan – more than 50,000 personnel (not including dependents), the United States 7th Fleet, and the 3rd MEU
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Turkey – Air Force bases in Adana and Izmir
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom – about 11,000 personnel

This list is incorrect on the small side.


Ooopsy Daisy.

SO THAT’s why we have enemies, I get it!

Ah forget it. Maybe I’ll stay and pay $34.00 a month for health insurance, and visit
the doctor without an appointment or waiting. And get 1.5 hours of eastern medicine
physical therapy on my knees for Ahem $3.00.

The supreme court makes me sick.



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