95 Percent Perspective

95 Percent Perspective

Fortune telling leaves drift down the drain,
Before they can be figured, leave a stain
On some old sink you wanted to throw out.
You keep my place well hidden in your heart.
New combinations needed to make art

Out of the burning pine cones in my soul.
Too much tv too much walking malls.
So this year we double the garden size
In order to make heaping pizza pies:
In this day and age, a noble goal.

To keep pace with the kids all over town,
We threw some Rhododendron in.
We’re married, so our only sin
Is searching for fulfillment
Instead of having kids around.

It now shapes as a major disappointment:
Be positive we can have it all.
Snuggle, here comes back-rub ointment
“Oh that’s a stretch,” “for sure,” he replies.
As we search the weeds for croquet balls.

Copyright 1993, Doug Stubet

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