Conjure (all five meanings)

Conjure (all five meanings)

When dogwoods bloom and smell,
The river takes old lovers down
Under I-81 and into town
Where railways roll the coal to
Market. Almost heaven, tolls a bell.

A marriage marches ‘cross a field
Katrina laughs at David’s smile.
This is made up, you can tell,
But it will last, so last a while
As we sneak back to the cornmash well.

There is a guitarist on Hardy’s hill
Who serenades his one true love.
He flat-picks tunes and sings by choice
A raspy song in a southern voice.
If you hear him once, come back you will.

Her hair dances above bare feet
She takes pleasure in the heat
That lingers outside farmhouse walls.
The next time that we happen through
Don’t be surprised if we call on you.

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