Try to Remember

There are many sappy songs out there but one from my parents’ era called September ranks very high for sentimentality. Along with Moon River one gets a sense that the late 50s and early 60s were split: one half romantically enjoying prosperity the other howling and wailing away on blues based rock while gyrating hips and screaming about the horrid post nuclear landscape.

It’s clear that both views of the world are still available now as the TED talkers expound on all things wonderful and possible while blogsters and wiki leakers bring us nose to nose with the realities that have led to such a giant disparity of rich and poor.

Even romantic privileged-based eyes must see that the scarcity of resources and the desire to be able to move about on command are pushing us to the brink if conflagration. Now it’s oil later water and food will probably be an issue for more and more people.

Choices seem between bad and horrible. Do the haves keep driving, thus ruining the ecosystems of those who never had the privilege of a car? Do the GMO inventors get the last word on ruining the agri-system and population control?

Is the inability to safely move the 2500 spent fuel rods at Fukijima in Sendai, Japan going to result in an eventual Chain reaction explosion Royale?

Most importantly, is there a place where we and our children can live away from all this? Is there still a romantic village where people know each other and love reigns? Yes of course the human heart and hard work can still yield a great life.

I pray my eight-year-old gets anywhere near the chances I had as a child and when growing up. Good luck to all who are raising children in these interesting times.


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