Three New Ones, Ten Old Poems, Copyright, Doug Stuber

Thanks to eyewillnotcry for bringing this one back to the fore.

Social Discourse of Disquiet

Here are three new poems, seven from my middle school days, when I knew PR and DM, and then three from the recent past, since I met KDW. First all three new ones, then the ten golden oldies. One pair is a combo-poem in that I wrote “Play” when I was 16 years old, and accidentally borrowed an idea from it 35 years later, hence “Play II” which are grouped together here. A type of historical link for my brain, hopefully also useful for the deconstructionists out there.


Some tennis
coach teamed us up so
the year before, when
she chased me,
and I pulled a chair

down behind me, it was
sixth grade, and she tripped hard on
it, had to
be forgiven if
not forgotten. Priscilla

had grown so
large during the short
intervening June
she became
an instant “hit” with

her male classmates. But
I had…

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