Must add all respondents to my follow list. Jeff Nguyen is already there. His blog truly rocks. “Create small communities that do not participate in globalization. Be rich in love and consumer-products poor.Making a sustainable counter to the gobble-the-earth crowd is a sane life. Good luck, and report on your progress.” PS, why can’t we ban cars? GMOs? All products that harm the earth, then give jobs stolen by such bans to the same workers, at the same pay, to clean up the oceans, replace coal and nuclear with wind and solar, build more psychiatric hospitals, feed the poor and homeless? Why not? Because big corporate controls the WHOLE SHOW. HA,who spent the most to make sure GMOs were NOT LABELED in the USA? Whole Foods. Why? Because 67% of their products (read everything that isn’t labeled organic) HAS GMOs IN IT, with a label of “All Natural,” the dang pig f*****s. Europe labeled all GMO laden products and PRESTO none were bought and BINGO almost none can be bought by now. You know I could go on for pages here…BOYCOTT WHOLE FOODS ok?

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