Let Them Eat — Elsewhere

Save the veterans, build more psychiatric hospitals

Take Heart!

“One in six people struggle to get enough to eat in the United States, according to Feeding America, an organization that works toward hunger relief.” – Al Jazeera

“It’s against the law to eat,
It’s against the law to drink.
It’s against the law to worry,
It’s against the law to think.” – Woody Guthrie

Everything’s against the law? It looks like we’re getting there. Effectively, being poor in my prosperous country is seen as shameful if not criminal, and now even efforts to provide assistance to poor people may be illegal. Helping people only makes them weak, we’re told. Funny … I always thought going hungry makes you weak. And refusing to help those in need makes you despicable. Apparently, I have it all wrong.

[But I’m not the only one. Check the updates below the main article.]


US Cities Criminalizing Sharing Food with Homeless: Report
At least…

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