This is Not the Time

This is not the time for Mr. Blake, or Keatsian love ditties, romantic puffery, academic poems that continue the careers of faded thinkers, nor siree Bob, this is the time for plain talk, purely polemic, purely in the face. Our kids have no Dylan to turn to, (please live forever Billy Bragg, Michael Moore) no anti anti anti beat crowd to Kerouac down the road with, no siree, those folks don’t get the time of day anymore. The biggest protest now is to buy a ton of handbags, a la Paris Hilton, and bankrupt daddy BEFORE you hit college. So, here goes, one place at a time: Argentina: first JP Morgan and Fleet Bank purchase the central bank, then they talk the IMF into austerity measures so the Peso and Dollar can eventually trade one for one, thus saving their stupid loans. this causes up to 70% unemployment, just in time for a new trade agreement, and yankee-sponsored “jobs” that pay about 1 dollar (peso?) per hour, with good floating north on oil-fed boats, and importat tariff free. This lowers the value of our own labor just to the point of revolution, but not past it. Sudan: Ah, another genocide, but who gives a fuck, it’s only Muslims, oh, I mean, only Africans, uh, oh, I mean, well, there’s overpopulation now anyway. Columbia: 17 years of bombing and spraying, and still those pesky campesinos won’t get off the land so we can drill for oil. Damn them! Afghanistan: UNOCAL needed a pipeline to the Caspian, and by golly we delivered. Iraq: We won’t leave until the very last drop of oil has been stolen, after all we have to balance the books at Halliburton somehow. New Orleans: Quick, oh, uh, not so quick, let’s call Halliburton and see if they can convert the lower Ninth Ward into high-rises for the rich. East Timor, let’s see, start a revolution because they are growing a far-too educated middle class that is becoming restless, blame the thing on more radical Muslims, step in and have them kill each other, then go back to the Nike days of cheap labor. US of A: cover lies with more lies, blame it on Scooter and/or Karl, thus saving the leaker, who pretty much had to be Cheney. Tell me, why isn’t Novak in Jail? If he helped the prosecutor, then the prosecutor let him off, why isn’t the prosecutor in jail? Are any of you apathetic drug addicts taking notes, or doesn’t any of this matter, as long as you have your comfy life to settle into? There’s nobody even to be pissed off at this shit anymore. Why isn’t everyone upset? Never thought the propaganda wing could have done such a plu-perfect job of it. DAMN.

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 2005. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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