Seoul Rumination 2

My friend is right, she says the world has to raise the level of love. It has to be that this is done under the governmental level and by something akin to a show of hands. So who is with it? Who says if we all love each other we can end this stupid run of resource grabbing for profit, of 2% owning nearly everything, of hard workers ending up in debt, of university tuition enough to bankrupt a millionaire, of multiple wars at the same time, of a country with 5% of the people sucking up nearly 30% of the resources, of of non responsive governments, of wage slavery, of pollution royale, of violence-promoting PC games, movies, tv shows, novels, tv news. I mean 120 gun deaths a day no longer means jack diddly do to most Americans. OK so we all love each other. Jesus would be proud. WWJD Uh HUH, Jesus would not have been in favor of George W. Bush, or Barack Obama’s wars. not at all. Yet, many “Christian” churches all but beg their parishioners to vote Republican. HUH? Repeat: Who else could piss of left and right at the same time so completely as Obama? The idea that he’s too far left is scary. I mean drone attacks, wars or mini wars in Pakistan, Tunisia, Libya, now backing the Fascist pigs in Ukraine…war games coming in Poland in July (look on a map friends, this is nuts).. Go into archives and dig up “US Role In Globalization” for more on this.

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