Barf Bag Poem #24 Incheon-Narita 3 May 08 JAL 952

Barf Bag Poem #24 Incheon-Narita 3 May 08 JAL 952


Su Joeng sits with wine tucked into 54G
It caught her breath, so after a sip she set the bottle free.
Her converse match Marco’s should play well in Tokyo,
where wedged wood paper houses repel Kawabata’s snow.
Emilie awaits us, so too Takae and Ban, her old friend.
What fun it is to sit and watch the ladies blend.
A thick-knuckled, snorting, ill-shaved young man
guards his large-breasted girlfriend who has a natural tan.
Once a month Su’s blanket is stretched over her head,
instant evolution from Seunim to Nun who needs to be fed.
Park is quiet, maybe sad about missing Children’s Day.
Her blood boils when Su flips a light: beautiful sleep into day.
Jealousy is ingrained, this trio is out of time rhythm, joy.
It might as well be 1970 in downtown Hanoi.
So now the battle will rage for three more days of fun.
We spent three hours on subways to walk around a bit.
Ironically, the bathroom light refuses to be lit.
The shower is already only two feet from my brain,
comes with sound effects, an open door, maybe a sheet stain.



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