Article 9

Article 9


Here in Makuhari, surrounded by well-wishers, those seeking
peace enjoyed your rhapsody in B minor, Bush minor that is.
The trigger was pulled on Paul Wellstone, as he persisted
in his investigations. Likewise Benazir Bhutto, and to
start it all off, Dodi, and accidentally, Di Somebody
somewhere decided we had aided the Muslims one war
too many, and though this turnaround was anticipated,
few thinkers dreamed up the scenario that unfolded.
Poem? > What poem? Who has tie for fluff?

Here goes for the Iraqis:

The only grievance in this war is the price of oil.
Our commander chiefly told his generals where to go.
When he did our soldiers died, and Fallujah’s life and soil.
Now we rally for Japan’s Article 9 in Tokyo.
Mothers who lost their children, now part of the refugee flow.

This congress is still mostly fun, although Ms.Weiss implores
that action is the only way to beat them at their game.
So if it takes a singing voice to break down power’s doors,
then show them how, by being brave, you can douse their flame.
The lies have gone on far too long, war is the greatest shame.
Mairead Corrigan Maguire reads twice, so glad that we came.



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