On the RMA changes

Imperator Fish

I wanted to write something substantial about National’s planned Resource Management Act reforms, so I have decided to publish today a new blogpost for each and every new affordable house that will be built as a result of the legislative changes.

Stand by.

Update 7:20pm: I promised a blogpost today per affordable house, and I plan to deliver. Just over four and a half hours to go…

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One thought on “On the RMA changes

  1. OH yes indeed nothing like a blog post promissing another b log post. I like the subtle genius in this,as I am sweating,nay shaking in anticipation of the actual post-in-question. Why? Because affordable housing is a national embarrassment,that’s why. IN Asia,where I spent the last 7 years, rich and underemployed and exploited factory workers live right next to each other. The big difference with the USA being that while people in Asia actually see how hard SOME rich people work,in the US segregation is MORE on economic lines than racial or even religious. Why are affordable houses not built right in the middle of fancy neighborhoods? (yeah,right)

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