New Occupation, 2011

IMG_1667 Joya pres3

Malali Joya, Afghan Parliamentarian

Continually speaks the truth to Karzai and others

Still alive!

New Occupation, 2011

The disenfranchised
take to the streets; without jobs
… they try to
formulate systems

of everyone’s needs
by consensus: a
direct democracy for
small town change.

Local gains will be
national non-existent.
Fascists don’t
give up, they just die.

mouthpieces seek
leaders to blame, a
list of demands, ribbonned box
to veto.

Two of the
twenty-twelve candidates will
address these
issues, three percent
will vote for them. Though

protests are
on behalf of the ninety
nine percent,
ninety six remain
unable to change.

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