Poetry Anthology Call For Submissions, tight deadline

Please send 5 poems or less via email to dougstuber@gmail.com

We will consider translations, previously published work, with proper and full acknowledgments.

If accepted 5 books is your pay.


Heron Clan I sold 1000 copies, #2 sold 700 so far.

You the poets will be selling these books at your readings.

The cover price is usually four times the cost.  Hence, you

will have a chance to order more AFTER the original batch you

give away or  sell online.  There will be an online ordering site,

keep 10 or so on  hand for future readings

Again first five are on me,and there is no need

to order more.

JANUARY 30 DEADLINE, nearly tomorrow.

The Heron Clan is now made up of Ed Lyons Richard Smyth and Doug Stuber.

Once you’ve been accepted into two anthologies you’re an automatic lifetime

member that allows you to haggle with us about what to put into the upcoming

anthologies.  (or not, your participation level is completely up to you).

Be appraised,number one came out in 1999,and number two was in 2006.

However,now that I am back in the USA, and with an ever-growing clan,

One per year remains a distinct target.

We run 132 pages, maybe more, and poets get from one to 10 poems published.

(But I am only sending in 5? you might ask) and that’s because some of these poets

have been waiting 7 years for the book to come out,and I can’t really cut what they already

earned.  So this public offering is limiting the top number of poems that get in to 5.



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