You Know the Face

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You Know the Face

He’s eleven, lived on the streets of this city his whole
life. No one knows how he made it to age five, but from
then on, he’ll tell you, he’s been hustling change, doing small
favors, cleaning shoes or out-elbowing competitors to clean wind
screens, with or without a tip. He has shoes now, knows where
to go to get craft supplies to make trinkets to sell, but there’s
a big hole in his heart. He’s not sure what he’s missing, doesn’t
know how limited his vocabulary is, yet most days as happy as any
other child. Well, as satisfied as those around him are on five
hundred calories of begged food per day, on average. His global
contemporaries are mastering division, or the left hand of piano
music, or working the farm, or playing baseball, or glued to TV,
or rescuing some PC-game princess, or solving puzzles, or riding
bicycles, or teasing their younger sister, or signing up for gangs, or
swimming, or losing a fight to the school bully, or Skyping friends
during class, or traveling through Europe with their families (boring
at that age, for sure) or parring their first par four. But not him, no he’s
working twenty hours, worn through his shoes, blistered by sun, frozen
in February. Searching to fill that hole, but with what? Some might
guess love, others safe shelter. He figures regular meals would suffice.



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