National Poetical Radio (NPR 1) “Recovery Man”

Why Me Worry?

Why Me Worry?

The Good Life

The Good Life

About Eye Level

About Eye Level

National Poetical Radio (NPR 1) “Recovery Man”


Boeing forces a new contract with no pensions, thus

widening the gap between rich and poor, and giving the

“New Economy “ another capitalist “win.” Forget a strong

middle class in which profits are shared by the workers, this

is all about robbing would-be pension money in order to

buy back stock, increase dividends, and massively expand

the pay of the executives.  And with no middle class, who

will sit on your planes Mr. Manager?  Hence, the last

twenty years of your life are made golden on the backs

of, and by the same ratio as, the 48,000 pensions, divided

by one thousand managers or 48 times as good as the former

“retirement” of the workers you just slammed. In Rochester,

Cincinnati, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, and nearly

everywhere else, the “New Economy” means rich stealing

the last vestiges of our manufacturing base for themselves.

Not mentioned is the fact that rising costs are shredding the

middle class and fixed income populations faster than a

speeding free trade agreement, more powerful than the Fed.

chairman, able to turn you homeless in a single bound. “Look,

it’s “recovery man,” chirping only of jobs created, not lost.

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