Ann Mary Cambell U.N. High Commissioner for Regugees: Afghanistan and Korea

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Gwangjuvian Baseball fan,Korea

UPDATE:  Campbell also told me the fate of 2million Pakistanis who became refugees within a six week period in June and July of 2010. American paid mercenaries were making it impossible to that many Pakistanis to remain in their homes, the comparison speaks volumes. It tookabout8 years to create 2 million refugees in a full blown war in Iraq 2003-2011. How did the UYSA clear out so many Pakistanis, thus making local governments impotent, and clearing the way for the last 200 kilometers of the Afgan/Pakistni oil pipeline?  They were calling out the local governments and holding massive town/city meetings and giving the governments a choice:  tell people to clear out,or face the “consequences.”  WOW  Just as in Iraq and elsewhere, all dubious to insane military moves are made by well-paid mercenaries who are NOT on the payroll,nor liable to act under a chain of command. Thus…

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