Malalai Joya: Afghan Parliamentarian and Karzai target

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IMG_1678 Joya pres7                 IMG_1667 Joya pres3

from the JULY 2010 Gwangju News, photos and Story by Doug Stuber

For readers still wondering if Gwangju could possibly be effected by world events, the return of Malalai Joya (a former Gwangju Human Rights Award winner) to this year’s Human Rights Forum, hosted by the 518 Foundation, provided a first-hand account about the chaos and human disaster unfolding in Afghanistan. “Before the US arrived to inflict ‘democracy,’ Afghanistan lived under fear of a brutal Taliban regime.

Now, with democracy there are three human rights offenders:  the US Army, Karzai and his drug lord friends, and the Taliban.  The situation for women is terrible, but the US used the Taliban’s forced wearing of Burqa’s and women’s issues to gain support for a war that has made our situation much worse,” Joya said as she first sat down to lunch at the Kim Dae Jeong Convention Center,  four years…

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