Korean War continues?

Jason Ryan
I once wrote a blog post about how many Koreans live within what I called “oblivious bubbles.” I think that this is phenomenon is being ignored by everyone when assessing how Koreans are reacting/not reacting to the North Korea situation. Koreans lives are so insanely fast-paced, high stress, high exhaustion/little sleep, focused only on their family/work-clan affiliations and whatever insane number of tasks they have to get done NOW because their superior ordered it done NOW . . that these things combined with the cultural amnesia (things that happened more than a couple months ago are generally forgotten and/or not in their consciousness) that also plays a powerful role in how they operate day to day . . . is it really no wonder that they are not reacting to what is going on? I cry ‘foul’ on those that are using the Koreans around them as a ‘litmus test’ to gauge the North Korea debacle.
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Jason Ryan I make the above status update comment in connection with this article, http://www.policymic.com/articles/32263/north-korea-news-is-all-hype

South Koreans Aren’t Worried About Kim Jong-Un, So Why is the American Media Freaking Out?
My co-workers in South Korea aren’t threatened by the recent bellowing from the North. So why are Americans so worried?
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Jason Ryan I mean seriously, asking a Korean to reflect on how they feel about the possibility of their entire reality matrix imploding, in ENGLISH, really, how many Koreans could do this? For that matter, how many English speakers could do this?
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Shelton Bumgarner the big difference between this crisis and all the other crisis in the last 60 years is the US seems like it doesn’t seem to want to fall for their old shuck ‘n jive like they usually do.
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Doug Stuber Agreed. The real danger here is far deeper than Most Koreans care to examine. It’s this: in 58 breaks of the Cease Fire since 1953, S. Korea has NEVER REACTED, including the sinking of the Choenan, and bombing of YeungPyeungdo, both rather recent tragedies. If THE SOUTH HAD reacted, then in all likelihood Seoul would have been buried. How? By normal artillery fire, that’s how. In one order, and in one second, N. Korea can let loose with REGULAR artillery canons already set up to level Seoul all at once. Add to this the GREAT chance that China and the U.S. would become involved (again) in any conflict here, and you have the makings for world war THREE. The only way out is uglier, and that would be if the U.S. and “ally” (plural no longer applies to the US) Israel may be dumb enough to go after Iran first. I doubt this though, as Obama has twice insisted his focus is on “Asia.” Easy for him to say, since he already spread Bush’s war into Pakistan, thus effectively surrounding Iran. What less-known factors are at play in Iran? How about the percentage (many guess 40%) of Chinese oil imports originating in Iran. Again China would be “interested” if we were to attack, and, back to Northeast Asia, why oh WHY is 55% of the US Navy floating here, I mean in the weird triangle of China, Taiwan and Korea? Since our Navy can hit a manhole cover-sized target from 400 miles out, isn’t the majority of the Chinese population “covered” to the east and equally threatened by the new nuclear arms capabilities (thanks to bush and Rice) India has, to the west? Holy Napalm Batman, this stinks. Every time an empire’s money concentrates at the top, the empire dies. it’s an historical fact. Bye Bye then, but not without trying to BORROW and FIGHT our way back to an economy.


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