Peace is what we want


If those of us under the top 4% don’t start  to revolt strongly against the top it’s not just our jobs, families and homes we stand to lose, but the planet itself.  Unbridled greed is devouring human and natural resources to the extent that there may not be anything left of nature to live off, unless you are rich enough afford agri-business fake-organic prices.

Good luck actually finding out where your “recycling” is being “recycled” as it appears, especially with plastic, recycled stretches all the way out to mean “dumped in the ocean.”

Good luck slowing development even in an era of 5,000 home foreclosures per day.

Hate war? Too bad. The USA has attacked foreign countrie3s 94timessinceWorlWar II (see Bill Blum’s Anti Empire report <>). Even the desperately underemployed and unemployed no longer sign up for a military tour because they’ve heard it’s a tour that never ends.(As if having the poor fight a rich man’s war were EVER FAIR).  For 1.3 decades the poor have been dying for the rich on a small scale for the rich in the USA.  The victims at the other end have been dying in the millions and refugeed by millions per year.

Obama’s knowingly empty pre-2008 promise to bring home military personnel form the Middle East turned out to be a scam in which Iraqi based were moved to clear out Pakistan, the leaving of Afghanistan turned out to be another move, not back the  USA, but into the Isis Crisis, wherever that shall lead.  Between May and June of 2010 Pakistan saw over two million refugees move out…it took 8 years to create that many in Iraq. Yikes, Obama, you drone-using, apocalyptic freak you.

“Home”: for our troops is freezing tents at night, and unarmed Humvees during the day…they have to guess who to shoot at, though it helps if the enemy is carrying a gun.  Still, under fire it’s hard to discriminate, and from the air, it’s impossible.

In the 80s we sold arms to both sides of the Iran-Iraq war that must have had the war rooms at the pentagon all atwitter.  We favored our then-ally Saddam Hussein and he basically won, winning the death count by a comfortable 1.2 million to 700,000.  This started a long-running feud between Sunni and Shia, and when Shia started leaking into Saudi Arabia, where they managed to pick off 14 of the royal family, a “shield country” was needed, so the Saudis called their friends in the USA.  (See Pulitzer prize winning Craig Unger’s thorough book “House of Bush, House of Saud) This loosened up the joint for the Desert Storm fiasco, but was it? Why would Bush I take out Saddam Hussein when he was so capable of killing Shias?  So he missed him….on purpose.

Iterveningly we bought chemical weapons (apparently form Germany?)  because our friends in Turkey (where many missiles are aimed at Moscow) had called to ask if we could lessen or stop the leakage of Kurds into their territory. Hussein then used ALL of those weapons (as Bush II found out) to wipe out between 600,000 and 780,000 Kurds  at our bequest.  Still, that also made HIM look like the bad guy, and, thus, though it was Saudis (15 of 19 hijackers) who flew on 911, we ended up attacking Afghanistan FIRST (the UNOCAL VP became the Afghan envoy soon thereafter) the Iraq, and NEVER SAUDI ARABIA..  NEVER SAUDI ARABIA.  Indeed, this not only gave the Saudis a shield by occupying Iraq in a Sunni Shia death match, but also started the building of the oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea, thus making sure Russia’s oil profits END the moment their oil hits our pipeline.   The pipeline that now must be finished by going through AHEM, Pakistan to circumvent Iran, which could have provided a MUCH shorter route, were they our “friends” which they sure were not during Carter’s hostage crisis, but WERE again when the oil/ Sunni Shia war in the mid 80s saw Iraqis and Iranians killing each other.

Saddam was our friend when killing Shias, and had also spread his oil wealth in the form of good and free education K-Ph.d., and free medical care too.  It was the education of the masses that pissed off the USA the most, and the liberalization away from Muslim laws that pissed of fundamentalists . With a scant 30% of the population, Saddam’s bad-ass patrol was able to retain power MOSTLY because of USA support.  But a well-educated middle class knew soon enough how dastardly the USA and friends can be.

Kicker? After Shock and Awe, you’d have thought the oil prices would go down since the USA controlled the oil fields.  But JP Morgan bought but never sold oil futures contracts and thus triples the price of oil.  Then they sold in late 2008 to boost McCain’s chances, and have gas prices near where they were when Bush II took the helm.  It’s rigged system, but onward.

So with 600,000 or more Kurds dead, Bush I began Desert Storm in the winter of 1990/1991.Before the flop known as Desert Storm, 600,000 or more people swarmed DC in the largest peace protest ever, and certainly one that will hold up as a record for protests BEFORE a war started. Five times larger than ANY Vietnam protest( I was among them that winter) the news of massive opposition never made one minute’s coverage on ANY nightly TV news and was grossly underreported  even by the Washington Post, which buried a small story about is on page 13.  The media had thus begun it’s complete capitulation to the powers that be.

Vietnam ended (by Republican Richard Nixon, mind you) when congress cut off funding  after protests, the Kent State Massacre, and daily body bags were shown on TV.  Nightly news had brave reporters covering every aspect of the horrors day by day.

But the owners of the means of production (military) did not care whether we won or lost Vietnam, as long as the war dragged on to increase obscene profits.  Guess:  who makes/made Agent Orange? Good guess.

They rid themselves of Nixon via the Watergate frame-up, they got all war reporting reduced to staged scenes, limited access,  mentioning US losses, rarely mentioning any of the millions of civilians who have died all over the planet since Vietnam.  (Remember the 3,500 dead to arrest Noriega in Panama?  How about Nicaragua, Contras ring as bell?  Or the propping up of dictators from El Salvador’s Christiani, to Trujillo, Papa and Baby Doc Duvalier,,,,heck we favor dictators to democracy in all cases, as a true democracy might vote in a Hugo Chavez type.  Or be less forthcoming with the cheap labor, see China.) Most of these deaths have come to unarmed civilians, I’d guess 90% of the US armed forces kills.  Try Fallujah for proof.

Any wonder why Middle-Easterners in general hate the US?  Wasn’t 9121 proof of that? Where was the commission to study WHY they hate us?  Even congressman should be smart enough to figure out why BY NOW.

So, Ramsey Clark, Republican-picked Attorney General of the United States recently served two interesting positions:  1) He was Al Gore’s (Democrat) lead counsel in the case to try to bring “fairness” to the rigged 2000 elections in Florida.  As only seven of 100 counties were rechecked for hanging chads and other misplaced genitalia, Florida law demanded all 100 counties be checked in such a close election.  Bingo, just the WRONG counties were looked at and Gore capitulated.  Since Gore’s family has been a board member of Occidental Petroleum (Inconvenient Truth #2?) so many generations, one figures he was in on 911 as early as anyone.  2) He then served as the LEAD COUNSEL for Saddam Hussein after he had been pulled from his rabbit hole and arrested, not shot on sight, like so many civilians had been. HUH?  It took the legal mind of a Ramsey Clark to keep the Shias from hanging him straight away.  Why did Clark argue so well to keep him alive? Because this allowed Saddam to use the public, TV-covered courtroom as a bully pulpit to keep the outgunned Sunnis fighting hard. They were outgunned by local Shias  and Americans alike.

Calling all activists: peace, environment, advocates for the under-employed, unemployed and fiscally challenged due to their jobs being shipped off, this here Internet must be used to unite those who have been split asunder in the name of war profits and oil.    Christians & Muslims, whose storybooks are nearly the same, Sunnis & Shias, Hindus & Muslims, rich & poor, please call meetings and unite before those with the power kill us all, or have us kill each other.

We’ve been hoodwinked since the Crusades. War-profiteers, for centuries, have done more than divide and conquer, they’ve used lies, propaganda, and patriotism to effect perpetual war, meaning more bombs must be made, more countries rebuilt, with more wage-slaves available due to the ravages and starvation.

When that’s not enough, in Rides J. P. Morgan (our oil “speculators”)  to manipulate Argentina’s currency, or the IMF/World Bank with suicide loans that reduce economies to dust (they got Ghana three times, geesh).

How to beat such feudal fascists? We have to have world-wide town meetings and somehow disengage in the globalized economy, and contributing to war taxes. It means living poor but free. Thus could eventually see an equitable redistribution of wealth.

  1. To be a shareholder in a company, one MUST work at the company.
  2. Use the taxes that had gone into war (a massive chunk of which would come from the demilitarized USA) and put the money into  planet clean-up via job creation on ocean boats scooping plastic, etc.
  3. Alternative energy to 25% and higher.  OK it has taken Germany forever to get to 18% but it can be done. Not just Hydro, wind, solar, but also Tesla’s electro magnet which has been proven by Bodini, to make more energy than any user uses.
  4. Encourage Kibbutz style living, saving more land for crops (see Italy’s future-is-now land saving models)
  5. Decision making must be wrenched away from the rich, since they’ve abused this privilege to use up our resources
  6. Broaden the middle class world-wide, but make it one based on agriculture not unneeded Gucci bags (see New Zealand)
  7. A Global Minimum wage of $10.00 an hour, considerably raising the pay of those in Asia working for .14 cents to .52 cents per hour.
  8. Penalties, not TAX BREAKS for corporations who move jobs outside their own country.
  9. Break up GATT 2 and the World Trade Organization.
  10. Disband the IMF
  11. Pull the license of the World Bank

This brings us back to the Sunni-Shia divide exacerbated by the USA. Sunni Saddam had built schools and hospitals, educated his women, offered free schooling K-Ph.D in any school worldwide an Iraqi could get into, and, via oil profit payouts, created a well-educated, liberalized, non Muslim law country. One that knew all about the USA and its “needs.”  Thus, he HAD to go.   But not until the Shias were implanted, thus creating a ring of shiadom that then threatened Saudi Arabia again. ENTER ISIS.

Guess who the USA is supporting now, Shias or Sunnis? It doesn’t matter though because we will switch sides as often as need be to keep the war afloat.

Recall the China received Most Favored Nation trading status less than three weeks after putting down democracy protests in Tienanman Sqaure (June 4,1989).  A democratic China might, after all, vote in a government that HATED the trade deals offering cheap labor in trade for a sickly wealthy top 2% in China.  A democratic China may well have chosen socialism, and screwed up the whole thing with 40 hour work weeks and a living wage!

Try to grow your own food. Try poor in cash, rich in love. Shop locally (22% of the world’s fuel is burned shipping food).

Attend town, city, and county commission meetings to secure a cleaner environment locally.

Demand peace from national governments, and band together to elect new parties (I’m a Green, ok?) that truly represent the majority of the people in your country, not just the majority of the filthy rich.

Vow to quit wasting time with electronic “friends” and shows and games that just waste your timje,and prevent these changes from happening…tv included dudes.  Join the “save the earth, share the earth” team.

Peace, but when?



2 thoughts on “Peace is what we want

  1. Great words Doug, we have been told so many lies for so long, and decieved as if we would never figure it out. But now more people are waking up to the fact that the veiw of the world they have been brought up with is wrong, very wrong and corrupt. Change will come my friend, I amsure of that.

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